A Cheap Garbage Disposal for Undermount Sink Review – Waste Maid 058 Food Waste Disposer

Waste Maid Food Disposers is one of the leading brands in the production of food waste disposers. Their lines of products offer quality, reliability, affordability and craftsmanship to the public. These product lines include: Waste Maid, Waste Maid Elite, Waste Maid Pro, Waste Maid Elite, Titan, Eco Logic and Bone Crusher. One of their best and most affordable food waste unit is the Waste Maid 158 Standard ½ Horsepower Food Waste Disposer. This cheap garbage disposal has all the features of most high-end garbage disposal units but the only difference is you will spend so much less.


Waste Maid’s Cheap Garbage Disposal Unit

Features: Speed Master Mounting System – Bio Shield – Torque Master – Silver Guard – Removable Splash Guard

Speed Master Mounting System

Waste Maid designed all their disposers with a speed master mounting system to make it easy for any novice to install their newly purchased disposer. The mounting system minimizes installation time which requires no bolts to perform this task, ultimately saving you expensive costs on hiring professional plumbers.


Bio Shield

With the bio shield feature you can rest assured that the bacteria caused by foul odor will be eliminated helping you keep your family safe from harmful infections. This safety feature is built in to the wet components of the disposer to help prevent odor build up in the food waste chamber.


Torque Master

Waste Maid Food Waste Disposers has the latest technology build in to their disposers and one of these advanced applications is the Torque Master. The Torque Master Grinding System can handle everyday food waste like chicken bones, vegetable leftovers and fruit scraps. This grinding system is made up from computer designed and balance components working together as one. Thus providing a superior grind combined with a long system lifespan.


Silver Guard

Even though the standard model doesn’t come with a silver guard it’s worth mentioning. The Silver Guard is only available with the Deluxe and Premium models of Waste Maid. The magnetic Silver Guard captures most metal objects before they can enter the disposing chamber. This protective feature prevents damage to valuable items such as expensive cutlery as well as unnecessary repairs to the disposal.


Removable Splash Guard

The removable splash guard may seem as an insignificant feature but it help keeping the kitchen sink clean and it also seen as a safety feature while disposing of food waste.

Cheap Garbage Disposal


  • Lightweight and compact disposer
  • Stainless Steel grinding components
  • ½ horsepower
  • Grinding at 2600 RPM
  • 3 Year warranty



  • No Silver Guard



The Waste Maid 158 Standard is a cheap garbage disposal unit but has all the important features you want in a reliable food waste disposer. It is lightweight, affordable with excellent safety features and easy to install. A garbage disposal is a great way to dispose of food waste but what about waste that you’re not allowed to dispose in these grinding units? Then these Touchless Trash Cans we’ve reviewed will compliment your newly fitted disposal perfectly.