Moen GX50C 1/2 Horsepower Kitchen Sink Waste Disposer GX Series


Moen GX50C may be the perfect kitchen sink waste disposer for all your garbage disposal issues. This machine offers great efficiency in grinding all sorts of domestic wastes. You can always have them fitted under your sink to keep the drains from getting clogged. Apart from that, the disposer can also be used for shredding other forms of wastes which can later be used for landfills and composts. This neat unit comes with a high powered motor that can offer grinding action of up to 2,600 RPM. The resulting torque is sufficient enough to grind down all types of sink wastes in a very short span of time. The unit is also very easy to install and fits well into small areas. An extension power cord can be used in case of inconveniences.


This disposer uses three bolt mounting assemblies, twist and lock installation and permanent magnet motor. This ensures the user-friendliness of the machine. It also requires very little maintenance once installed and above all, cleaning is not at all an issue. There are water pipes fitted into the main compartment for direct water flow and a completely hassle free rinse off. The grinding compartments are made of noncorrosive material and do not wear away easily. They have a compact and streamlined design to maximize the effects of the blade cutters.


The grinding compartments also have very tightly fitted rubber sealing to keep waste matters from flying back to the sink. This also makes sure that there is no leakage while the machine is at work. Hence, no watery mess under your kitchen sinks. All of these features make Moen the perfect choice for clean kitchen spaces and efficient waste disposal.

Kitchen Sink Waste disposer

Features of the Moen GX50C

  • The ½ horsepower grinding allows efficient grinding of all category wastes. This makes sure that the blades don’t get stuck mid-performance. If in case they do, the machine allows for counter rotation for freeing the blades.
  • This kitchen waste disposer comes with a pre-installed power cord. Hence, you will not have to deal with extra buys and fittings. This little feature saves up a lot of money and labor.
  • The vortex permanent magnet motor offers speeds of up to 2,600 RPM. The machine can catch up the maximum speed in just a matter of few seconds. This gives an exceptional grinding action of the machine making sure that there is not juice jamming.
  • The machine comes in a very compact design. When placed under sinks, you will still have enough room to fit in wipers and brooms.
  • The machine is very lightweight and does not pull down your basin.
  • Installation is a very quick and easy process. Moen generally uses the universally used 3-bolt mounting assemblies. All you have to do is fix the disposer in the right place and tighten the screws. The machine is then good to go.
  • The best thing about the Moen kitchen sink waste disposer is its great sound shield technology. The body is insulated with heat-absorbent materials and reduces noise by a great degree. You can easily hold conversations while the machine is on and the person in adjacent rooms may not even know if the machine is on.
  • The machine comes with a 4-year warranty for in-home service



  • The machine is continuous feed. That is as long as it is connected to power, it will continuously break down wastes passed down from the sink. There will be no need of opening the grinding compartments manually and feeding waste matter.
  • The power cord included in the machine is a great benefit. You don’t have to remember and reach out for one when needed.
  • A sleek body that looks very appealing. The machine also comes with great finishing on the outer body.
  • The sound is reduced to a dull humming.
  • The blades do not get easily jammed.
  • The grinding compartments are made of stainless steel and are corrosion resistant as well as easy to rinse off.



  • The outer body may start rusting out if not maintained properly.
  • The instruction manual may be a little difficult to follow



The machine is leak free and noise proof. This addresses two of the most common problems with waste disposers. The blades are also strong enough with powerful, swift grinding and no jamming. Considering these things, the Moen GX50C kitchen sink waste disposer may be considered a good bargain.


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