Best Low Clearance Garbage Disposal for Undermount Sink 2017 – The American Standard Garbage Disposal

Modern day kitchens need a garbage disposal to help get rid of food debris in the most efficient and best possible way. While a Low Clearance Garbage Disposal is your best bet for tight spaces under your kitchen sink most garbage disposals don’t have the ability to grind up tough food to the finest particles. The American Standard Garbage Disposal is one of those waste disposal units that can get rid of most things you throw at it.


The American Standard has a High Torque of 1.25 HP is one of the very best types available on the market next to the InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assistant and the Waste King Legend. Interesting enough is all these features below that make this of the Best Low Clearance Garbage Disposals that every American Kitchen needs.

High Torque Power of 1.25 HP

For grinding just about any food waste you’ll need garbage disposal with enough horsepower. This particular model operates at 2700 RPM making it far more powerful in shredding bigger pieces of waste into smaller pieces. With a high torque power of 1.25HP it is reasonable to say that it fits smaller to medium size households for grinding purposes.


Features of American standard garbage disposal

* High torque power of 1.25HP drives faster through waste
* Easily connect to wall socket
* Vibration free operation under sink
* Razor-sharp reducing cutting ring slices easily through food
* Stainless Steel components reduces possibility of corrosion
* Reduces odor in kitchen
* Insulated shell for a quiet grind

Best Low Clearance Garbage Disposal for Undermount Sink ReviewLow Clearance Garbage Disposal

Magnetic Safe ring

The magnetic ring is to safe guard the possibility of any damage that might occur to the unit. This piece of equipment is suited for anyone who is cleaning utensils in the sink. This strong magnet attracts utensils from falling in the garbage disposal which could lead to costly maintenance.

• Easy to install
• Attract kitchen utensils
• Prevent utensil damage
• Prevent costly repairs to your garbage disposal unit


Well balanced Turntable

The balanced turntable provides a smooth vibration free operation. With this feature, you don’t need to disturb the person in the next room taking his/her midday nap while you are busy cutting through hardening food debris. In conjunction with the balanced turntable, the inside chamber is insulated to further reduce unnecessary sound levels.

• Reduces sound levels
• Smooth vibration free operation


Stainless Components

The stainless components within the unit help prevent this Low Clearance Garbage Disposal from developing corrosion. This will also benefit the finer cut pieces to flow easier through the sewer pipes. In addition, helping containing blockage which could easily lead to expensive maintenance costs. The longevity of the disposal will be extended with the build-in stainless steel components.

• Extends the longevity of the disposal
• Prevent unnecessary maintenance


Benefits of American standard garbage disposal

+ It is safe and effective
+ Easy to install under the sink
+ Quiet operation
+ The stainless components extends the lifespan of the unit
+ The permanent magnetic diamond ring attracts harmful steel items
+ Cuts through food waste easily
+ Minimum maintenance



– You should use a plumbers putty to prevent leaking

Final Thought

There hundreds of great garbage disposal to choose from; however the American Standard High Torque 1.25 HP Garbage Disposer is one of the very best options available for a Low Clearance Garbage Disposal. It’s easy to install, cost effective with low maintenance.