Reliable: Best Whirlpool GC2000XE Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review in 2017

Whirlpool has been in home improvement business for more than a century and secured their spot as one of the trusted names in thousands of homes. Even after one hundred years, they still continue to produce quality products which you and I can be proud of. All of their garbage disposals units are produced in the USA and are compatible with septic tanks.

One particular brand that stands tall with features such as efficient grinding capabilities, quiet mode operation, power and durability are the highly recommended Whirlpool GC2000XE Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal (check today’s price). Both the grinding compartment and grinding components have been carefully insulated to minimize the amount of noise it makes while grinding of food debris.

This waste disposal unit is driven from a ½ HP motor. The motor itself is made from durable stainless steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion producing a longer lifespan. Its stainless steel outer frame is streamlined and reinforces the durability of the unit.

One popular feature that makes the Whirlpool GC2000XE Continues Feed Garbage Disposal in a class of its own is Whirlpool’s overload protector with manual reset. This integrated feature protects the Continues Feed Garbage Disposal by ensuring that it does not become overloaded and in return grinding stubborn food debris more effectively. Thus significantly minimize the chance that your home’s drain pipes will develop a clog. All of this is backed by an extended manufacturer’s warranty.


Best Features of the Whirlpool GC2000XE Continues Feed Garbage Disposal

• Streamlined Stainless Steel Components –Included is a stainless steel flange and a one-piece plastic stopper. Both the shredder ring and grinding wheel is made from galvanized stainless steel. As mentioned above stainless steel is resistant to corrosion so you’ll be pleased to know that your disposal will have a longer working lifespan.

• Overload Protector With Hard Reset – This feature is exclusive to all Whirlpool garbage disposals, and reduces the chances your disposal will overload due to clogging pipes, it will also extend the longevity of the unit.

• A Powerful ½ HP Motor – Best solution for a household of 4 – 6 people, the Whirlpool GC2000XE offers more than enough grinding power to dispose of those waste food. From chicken bones to hard vegetables, this motor with stainless steel blades can grind it all. And with a grinding speed of 1800 pm don’t expect to see large bones flushed down the drain pipes.


Whirlpool GC2000XE Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Whirlpool GC2000XE ½ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal


• Stainless steel sink flange with 1 piece plastic stopper
• Galvanized steel grinding wheel and shredder ring
• Overload protector with manual reset
• 1/2 horsepower motor



• No power cord included


My Conclusion

The Whirlpool GC2000XE Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Unit can easily be swapped out with your exciting one. Installation should take about 10 minutes plus a few dollars of plumbers putty should do the job which you can buy at your nearby corner shop or order it with the new Whirlpool Garbage Disposal Unit over at Amazon. This unit like the (InSinkerator Badger 5XP Garbage Disposal) does exactly what it’s supposed to do and at an affordable price point, you can immediately start grinding food waste. Need a Touchless Garbage Can to compliment your newly installed garbage disposal then these Stylish Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans will increase the visual aspect of your kitchen plus it’s touchless so it minimizes cross contamination of germs.