The Shortest Garbage Disposal 2017 for High Drain Outlets

The Emerson  E202 Food Waste Disposer is the perfect disposer of excessive food waste. The Emerson Food Waste Disposer is one of the Shortest Garbage Disposal Units and comes with a ½ heavy duty motor to grind that excessive food waste to the smallest pieces as possible without blocking drain pipes. With so many Garbage Disposal Units to choose from the Emerson Evergrind E202 should be on your list of Food Waste Disposers. Below we’ll have a quick overview on how this Disposal stands up against the rest.

Shortest Garbage Disposal

Features of the Emerson Evergrind E202 (Shortest Garbage Disposal Unit)

  • The outer body is made from Rugged Galvanized Steel to prevent electrical shortages that might happen during the grinding process.
  • This product comes with a one year limited warranty which covers any factory defaults that might occur due to the Emerson Evergrind not been perfectly manufactured by the company.
  • This item weights only at 13.7 pounds and small enough to fit tight spaces under the sink.



  • The Evergrind E202 comes with a quick-lock installation method which makes it easy for the not so savvy person to quickly install the unit without any issue.
  • The powerful 1/2 induction motor is strong enough to continuously dispose of food waste, allowing you to depend on this under sink disposal machine for pretty much all of your excessive food disposal in a orderly manner within the shortest time possible.


  • Since this Shortest Garbage Disposal has been made of Rugged Galvanized Steel, it can handle a lot of pounding. As like any automated machine damage may occur no matter how causes you may be in handling this machine, but you will be satisfied to know that this garbage disposal won’t be necessary to be replaced within a short period of time.
  • The Emerson Evergrind E202 Food Waste Disposer is easy to install, so you can almost start working with it immediately.


  • Unlike its predecessor this newer model is quieter so you’ll be able to communicate with whomever I the kitchen.


  • The one year warranty covers both parts and labor.
  • The extra hardened grinding blades cuts food waste thoroughly while the 26 oz grinding chamber is big enough to dispose of the incoming waste debris.



  • While most and best garbage disposal units have their origin from the United States the Evergrind E202 is manufactured in China and shipped to specific countries.


  • This product also doesn’t come with a power cord, but your exciting power cord will work fine with this unit after installation.



This Shortest Garbage Disposal has certain shortcomings, but overall, it makes for the perfect food waste disposer for grinding excessive food waste. It is certainly more than capable of doing an extremely good job dealing with most heavy loads that you might throw at it. While the warranty means that you have one full year to enjoy your new Emerson Evergrind E202 Food Waste Disposer without any issue. Get the latest update on the Smallest Garbage Disposal Unit we’ve reviewed for you.


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