How to Choose the Best Garbage Disposal Unit 2017

Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal Unit can be quite difficult if you do not know what you are looking for. This is why you should be careful and try your best to know what qualities the ideal garbage disposal unit is supposed to have. InSink and Waste King provides a variety of different food waste disposers for you to use, and each of them has certain unifying qualities that all garbage disposers should have. These qualities are as follows:

1/2 Horsepower1/2 Horsepower0.3-Horsepower3/4 Horsepower
BadgerContinuous FeedContinuous FeedContinuous Feed
2 -Year In-Home Limited WarrantyFive-Year In-Home Service Warranty2 Year In-Home Warranty.4-Year In-Home Limited Warranty
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  • The material with which your garbage disposal unit is made of needs to be robust enough to withstand a great deal of use. You will be using your garbage disposer quite often, so it is necessary to find one that can take that level of heavy use. InSink waste disposal units are known for being extremely durable. The blades are made of the highest quality metal and no matter how often you use them to dispose of your waste, there will be no unnecessary blunting of the blades and you are mostly likely not going to face problems such as the blades getting stuck.



  • Sharp blades are necessary for the overall efficacy of your food waste disposer. One made by InSink can take pretty much any kind of food waste, whether the waste you are speaking of contains hard materials or not. A garbage disposer made by other companies tends to be unable to deal with waste that is not soft. If the slightest hard material enters the unit, you will find that it would either stop working entirely or at best, you would have to deal with clumped-up garbage that you would have to clean out in order for the machine to start working at full speed again.


  • On the other hand, Waste King Units are known for cutting up and compacting all types of garbage quickly and efficiently, so you just have to pop the waste in and you will be good to go.



  • Speed is of the utmost importance when you are dealing with waste disposal units. It just won’t do to have a waste disposal unit that takes an enormous amount of time to handle even the smallest piece of garbage. After all, the whole reason you are gettingHow to Choose the Best Garbage Disposal Unit 2017 these waste disposal units in the first place is that you want to shorten the amount of time it takes to get rid of waste, particularly food waste. You want to be able to relax while the machine handles this for you.


  • With an InSink’s Best Garbage Disposal Units, this will all be possible because these machines handle your waste with a great deal of efficiency and speed, leaving you to deal with other tasks while the machine handles your waste for you.



  • Convenience is something that a lot of garbage disposers fail to provide. With InSink garbage disposers, one of the biggest benefits that you get is that you are able to dispose of your garbage and clean the machine at the end of the week. Most other machines would require more regular cleanups, especially if you use them often or if you tend to use materials that are hard and difficult for these machines to break down. Weekly cleanings allow you to focus on other tasks while your waste is disposed of and fix a certain day of the week to clean your machine, which is the most convenient situation for you to enjoy.



  • This is related in a lot of ways to durability. While using an InSink machine, you can rest assured that longevity is not going to be an issue. These machines are built to last after all. They are built to provide you with a long-term solution for all of your waste disposal needs. You are not going to have to worry about replacing your machine every so often, and neither are you going to have to worry about getting your garbage disposer repaired time and time again. These are things that tend to have a negative impact on your overall experience as you would end up wasting a great deal of money on them. This is why it is so important to use the right kind of waste disposal unit that would not require you to put any excessive effort into using it.

  • Even if one of your InSink garbage disposer breaks down, an unlikely event by any means, you will be able to get it fixed thanks to the warranty that these machines come with. This can help you get a great deal of peace of mind as you would not have to worry about maintenance and the like while using your garbage disposer.



Garbage Disposal Units Under $100Garbage Disposal Units Under $150Garbage Disposal Units Under $200
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  • There is no need to go for the extremely high-end waste disposal units out there. A garbage disposal unit can be affordable as well, and InSink offers a number of affordable varieties for you to enjoy.


  • In fact, InSink is a lot more affordable than other brands tend to be simply because of the fact that the company knows that an enormous profit margin is not the way to go.


  • It knows that providing a high-quality product that customers can both afford and trust is the right way to secure a sizeable customer base that would remain faithful and consistently choose its products and services over the products and services of others. This is why you can choose any InSink Garbage Disposer and rest assured that you are going to get quality, even if you go for the more affordable option. Even with the most high-end option available, you would be saving money when you compare it to other brands and getting a lot more value in return for your money.



  • One of the biggest things that can make it difficult for you to use your garbage disposer in peace is the fact that it tends to be so noisy. This can make it difficult for you to concentrate on work or whatever it is that you are doing, especially if you have just added a sizeable load to the waste disposal unit. This noise is actually not a problem at all with the InSink food waste disposal units because they have been designed to reduce noise by a large margin.


  • While using these waste disposal units, you would be at ease because you would be hearing less than half of the noise that you would normally hear with such machines. This is one of the biggest benefits of using InSink and Waste King waste disposers, and it is why you should try your best to get one of these as soon as possible.


8.Safety Features

  • The safety of garbage disposers has been something that a great number of people have been concerned about. The problem with food waste disposers is that they can be dangerous if your finger gets too close to the blades.


  • These machines are designed to lay waste to anything that enters them and they are very effective at grinding up anything that gets past a certain point, but the problem here is that they fail to make any kind of distinction between food and human body parts. This is why so many people have lost fingers and the like while they have been using their waste disposers.


  • It’s not just the fact that there are horror stories that so many people tend to tell. There is also the fact that children are liable to get injured if you are not careful. Without proper supervision, it seems highly likely that a child would end up getting very badly hurt while using a waste disposal unit, and this is why it is so important to ensure that your child does not go anywhere near it. However, even if you are the most vigilant parent in the world, the fear still remains and it is this fear that discourages so many people from getting involved with food disposers.


  • InSink has made it a lot easier for you to rest easy thanks to its new technology, which is all about protecting people from getting injured while they are using their waste disposal units. It essentially involves the presence of a magnetic lid that you can put on top of the waste disposal unit. You can fill the unit up with the food or other waste that you want to have chopped up and disposed of, but you will notice that the machine will not function until you put the magnetic lid on. Once the magnetic lid has been properly adjusted on top, the machine will sense its weight and pressure and start to function.


  • InSink garbage disposers essentially have two requirements in order to function. First, they need to sense an item inside the chamber, as does pretty much any waste disposal unit. Additionally, they need the pressure of the magnetic lid. Hence, even if your child puts their finger inside the garbage disposer, it will not turn on since the magnetic lid won’t be on.


  • This is an absolutely fantastic feature that is sure to make a lot of parents very happy indeed. Thanks to this feature, it is going to be a lot easier for people to use their waste disposal units and rest easy in the knowledge that they will not have to deal with any injuries and neither will their children be put into danger. Now, one of the most pertinent reasons why people tend to avoid garbage disposal units is no longer valid, thereby ensuring that you can use these machines with ease and not have to worry about a thing while you are disposing of your waste.



  • The warranty for your product needs to take into account any problem that might occur that was not your fault to begin with. In order to rest easy with these products, the absolute minimum that you should go for is a five-year warranty.


  • InSink offers a minimum five-year warranty on their Best Garbage Disposal Units and has warranties that can extend for a lifetime. For as long as you use a product that has been made by InSink, you will not have to worry about repairs or maintenance because these will be handled for you by the company that you are buying from.


  • InSink and Waste King can confidently offer such things because it knows that its products have been built to last. These garbage disposers have been specifically manufactured so that nothing goes wrong with them. As long as you follow the instructions, it is virtually impossible for these food waste disposal units to break down in any way. In fact, even after long-term use, if the blades get blunt or if you need to replace any part in the machine, InSink as well as Waste King will handle these things for you because it knows that after a certain period of time, everything needs a little bit of maintenance.



  • There is a wide range of different food disposal units that you can get from InSink. Even the cheapest model can handle a fair amount of food and can do so very efficiently indeed. This is why the best option for you is to go for an affordable model manufactured by this company, which would only cost 670 dollars.


  • Alternatively, you can go for the higher-end models. These ones will obviously be the Best Garbage Disposal Units you will get for your money. The most expensive model available costs around $4,500, and this monstrosity can handle anything you throw at it with ease. It will be able to provide you with efficient, noise-free and completely safe waste disposal at the drop of a dime, which is what makes it worth the money that you are going to be spending on it.


  • Hence, you can get yourself a fantastic Waste Disposal Unit with InSink by spending an amount between $700 and $4,500, so you are sure to get something within your budget.


Maintenance of InSink’s and Waste King’s Best Garbage Disposal Units

If you want to ensure that your waste disposal unit lasts a long time, the main thing you should do is focus on its maintenance. While it is true that InSink provides you with a warranty that you can use to get your garbage disposer fixed, this warranty would be void if you are the one that is responsible for the problem rather than the machine itself. Hence, being safe is better than being sorry as the old adage goes. Here is how you can ensure that your food waste disposal unit does not get damaged in any way:


  1. One of the biggest ways in which you can prevent any damage from occurring to your food waste disposal unit is to avoid putting grease into it. People tend to think that a garbage disposer is where you can throw pretty much anything you want without having to worry about it, which is why they just dump whatever is on their plates into the food disposal unit, thinking that it would be able to handle it. This is not the case, however. If you add grease and oil to your garbage disposers, they will end up getting blocked and clogged, and this would make it difficult for them to function properly. Avoiding grease is essential if you want your garbage disposer to work at its fullest capacity.


  1. As far as the blades go, InSink food disposal units are great at handling harder foods, but it is not a good idea for you to add bones and the like to your garbage disposer. While these things might end up getting ground up, they are going to damage the blades of your waste disposal unit and this is not something that you would want. Avoid using such hard items, and your blades will be able to function just fine. Bones can get stuck in the blades as well and end up causing a blockage, which will have to be removed by a professional. InSink is not going to handle this and if the company finds out that you have had a blockage, your warranty might become void and you would not be able to get anything else fixed in the future. However, if your bones are not that big, they are fine and, in fact, might be able to clear up any blockages that might have occurred previously.


  1. If you are disposing of food that is fibrous in nature or has a starchy texture such as the shells of an egg or fruit peels, you should try to break it up into smaller pieces before you place it into the garbage disposer. Doing so would prevent the starch from clogging the machine that you are using. These foods are a little risky to use without breaking it apart first because these fibers can get trapped inside the waste disposal unit you are using and moisture can cause them to get larger in size, which can cause some serious blockages.



  1. Another common mistake that people make is that they stuff the garbage disposer to the brim, packing all of the food into it and thinking that this is a more efficient way to use it. This is not the case at all because if the food has been packed into the machine too densely, it would become useless and the blades would not be able to move properly. A better way to use this machine would be to loosely place the food into the machine, thereby allowing it to properly cut through it without any difficulty.


  1. Cleaning out your garbage disposer is essential for it to function continually without any serious difficulties. This is because food that is left in the garbage disposer might end up getting stuck and if it starts to rot, the bacteria can cause further blockages. Try to give your food waste disposal unit a quick rinse at the end of each day, and clean it out properly once a week. This would help improve the longevity of the product, thereby allowing you to use it for the long run.

Different Types of Garbage Disposal Units

These are the differences between the waste disposal units available on the market.

1. Motor

There are a number of different sized motors that you can get. What motor you get depends on the sort of functionality you want. If you want something that is very heavy duty, it would be a good idea to get a waste disposal unit that has as large of a motor as possible. Additionally, if you want to save a little bit of money, you can just go for a smaller motor if you do not need an extremely heavy-duty machine.


2. Blades

There are a number of different kinds of blades available with these kinds of waste disposal units. Getting smaller blades can allow you to get a finer disposal that would be easier on your pipes. These blades are also often sharper than larger variants. Larger blades, on the other hand, can provide you with the option of breaking down larger pieces of waste, which you are going to appreciate if you do not want to take the trouble to cut the waste up before you end up disposing of it.


3. Disposal Options

A lot of garbage disposers can get rid of your waste directly into your pipes and as a result, you will not have to take out the trash as much as you would have to otherwise. At the same time, these disposers need you to be a little smarter about the waste you place into them, so you should go for the garbage bag variety if you do not want to put extra effort in before you dispose of your food waste.


4. Chamber

Getting a large chamber would allow you to dispose of a lot of waste at the same time. Smaller chambers are cheaper, though, so you need to see what you need more. Your choice between convenience and budget will dictate what kind of chamber will be suitable for you.


Continuous VS Badge Feed Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

Are you in the market for a new garbage disposal? Chances are, if you’ve ever washed dishes you have dropped food down the drain. As anyone who has done this enough times can attest to, it can lead to a clogged drain, and even having to spend all your Christmas funds on a plumber. Luckily for you, we are going to give you a run down on the two major garbage disposals, batch feed, and continuous feed.


We hope to tell you enough so that you can make the right decision when the right time to buy arrives!


Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

A continuous feed garbage disposal is similar to what the name implies, it continuously disposes of the waste in your sink and drains as long as the switch is turned on.
Not everyone drops a lot of waste down their drains, but if you like to cook a lot it is unavoidable. If that’s the case, the continuous feed garbage disposal may be what you’re looking for.

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposer

This will allow you to be more liberal in how much you dump down your drain. Continuous feed garbage disposals are typically less expensive than a batch feed ones, so this is certainly a considerationto be made when choosing between the lot.

With all good comes some bad, however. Nothing is perfect, and while a continuous feed garbage disposal is certainly great to have, it does come with some downsides.

There are the potential safety risks, as someone who has used a continuous feed garbage disposal; this is easily avoidable with common sense and a careful hand. It is also recommended to run cold water while using the continuous feed, which just doesn’t make sense when washing dishes, so you may need to wash the dishes completely before turning the switch on.

Batch Feed Garbage Disposals

Last but not least, we have the batch feed garbage disposal.
Much like the name implies (Noticing a pattern?), this disposal method will grind up all your sink waste in batches. It will not run continuously like a continuous feed.


Badge Feed Garbage Disposer


These will typically come with a drain plug, or even a rubber stopper to prevent food from going inside of them (This is an option on the continuous feed garbage disposal as well, however they may not always include them)
These are better for people who have smaller amounts of waste (Sometimes you don’t want to cook, or that frozen pizza is calling your name).

One of the bigger cons are that you might find yourself leaving the food to collect until you do your batch feed, and this can be a health hazard as food will rot. Other than that there aren’t many flaws that the batch feed system has.

Which One Should I Get?
As with everything else, it’s up to you to make the final decision. Is one better than the other? No, not really. It’s all about what you as a consumer are willing to pay, how much waste you think you’ll be putting down your drain, and which one sounds like it fits your needs the most.


When you are ready to get your garbage disposal, you will be able to make an informed decision. Whether you get the batch feed one, or the continuous feed one, you can and will save a lot of money in potential plumber costs. As someone who used both of these, I cannot imagine living without one.




There is so much to consider when it comes to buying the Best Garbage Disposal Unit of any make or model. It’s in your best interest to choose the best garbage disposal unit for your needs according to efficiency, kitchen sink layout and budget. A good starting point is to read as much garbage disposal reviews as possible and get a unit which present quality, warranty and most important, one that will suit your budget.

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