The Smallest Garbage Disposal 2017 for Tight Spaces Reviewed


If you have small kitchen, then your initial motto should be to keep your kitchen spacious. You shouldn’t buy anything that is oversize and destroy the interior of your kitchen. Are you planning to buy one or replacing the old one? Then, go for the smallest garbage disposal that is suitable for your kitchen. You should go for smallest garbage disposal units for tight space. Now, the question is ‘What is the perfect size of the garbage disposal you need?”.


Having a garbage disposal is quite beneficial as it is good for the environment. It reduces the amount of greenhouse gas which is released in the atmosphere from decomposed foods. But, buying a bigger size is not the effective solution. Rather, you should buy the size that is contemporary with your kitchen and goes according to your need. After all you want a product that serves you better than bigger.

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Want the Smallest Garbage Disposal? Know the Space You Have

Before buying a new and the smallest garbage disposal, you need to determine the space you have under your kitchen sink. To buy a tiny garbage disposal unit, you need to measure the length, width and height of the space you have. It is very important to get the physical dimension as garbage disposals usually take a bit of space. If the storage space is really short under your sink, you can go for a less powerful unit.

The Size of Garbage Disposal Unit Depends on Family Members

To know the effectiveness of a garbage disposal unit, you need to know how much powerful it is. Therefore, before deciding the size, it is necessary to know how much power is required to grind garbage at your house. To determine that, you need to know how many people live in your house.


  • If you have only 2 person in your house, a 1/3 or ½ HP model will be perfect.
  • If you have 3-6 people, living in your house, you should buy a garbage disposal with ½ to ¾ HP engine.
  • For a house with 5-8 members, you can buy a ¾ HP garbage disposal, but 1 HP will serve you the best.
  • For more than 8 people in a household, go for 1 to 2 HP model.

While buying the smallest garbage disposal, you should always check out the user’s manual to know the recommended size of the product according to your kitchen.


Know about the Motors before Buying

So far, you have known which compact garbage disposal you need to buy. But, you should also have some ideas about the motors before purchasing the unit.



  • If you go for 1/3rd HP motor, that will be the weakest in the market. Still, it is popular among buyers who have a studio or one-bedroom apartment.
  • Are you planning to buy a ½ HP motor? Then, you must have two-room apartment or condominiums or small house. For light use, this type of garbage disposal is quite helpful. You need to treat the unit gently.
  • The ¾ HP model is the most popular among consumers as it is applicable for family homes and it is also powerful enough to grind hard elements of food. Small bones, hard vegetables, anything stiff particles of food can be disposed quite well in this model.
  • Finally, if you need a 1 HP model, there must be enough space in your kitchen, specifically under the sink. For heavier use, this is absolutely right choice. Even it is also a good choice for small business places.


Once you know about things to decide how to buy the smallest garbage disposal, it is time to know the best unit that can serve you well. And when you think of the best unit, the only name you can think of is the Waste King L-1001 Legend Series ½ Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer. Once you buy it, your problem of garbage disposer will be solved.


Features of Waste King L-1001

Smallest Garbage Disposal

If you go through the online reviews of this unit you will mostly get positive reviews and there are several reasons behind that. Here, you will get the appropriate reasons why this unit is so very popular among the users-


  1. It Is Reliable

In case of waste disposal, Waste King L-1001 has the most reliability in the market. Many of you know that such units get corrosion as these are installed in kitchen and always stay in direct contact with water. But, this unit is way better than its contemporaries. It is made of anti-corrosion material that increases the unit’s durability.


  1. Warranty for 2 Years

The device will come with a 2-year warranty which means professionals will visit your home at regular intervals and replace it if there is anything defective in the unit. You just don’t need to re-pack it again and send to the customer care. It will be in your kitchen without any fail.


  1. It Saves Space

This is one of the most appealing features of Waste King L-1001. There are several models on the market which occupies too much space. But, the compact design and size of this model never occupies any unwanted space and also never disturbs the interior of your kitchen. This unit merely measures 13.4/6.4 inches which are appropriate for your small to medium kitchen.


  1. Don’t Create Noise

This is one of the major complaints against any garbage disposal as those create irritating noise. But, Waste King L-1001 has addressed the issue, and it has solved the problem. There will be a little vibration but no disturbing noise.


  1. Removable Splash Guards

The rubber inside the unit prevents food scraps to fly around during grinding. As it is removable, you can remove it and wash well to keep it clean.


  1. Power Cord

The device comes with a 36 inches long power cord along with a plug. Insert the plug into any outlet and use the unit when you need it.


Pros of Waste King L-1001

The product is really commendable and effective for those who have a small to medium sized kitchen. The benefits of installing this device are-


    • It is very simple to handle.
    • Installation won’t take more time than 10 minutes
    • Don’t go on its size as it can handle any type of garbage you throw at it.
    • The size is absolutely perfect for studio, small houses and condos.


Cons of Waste King L-1001

Apart from so many advantages, still some people have complaint about its size, especially who have large families. Besides that, it is said that the unit is effective to grind any normal food waste, but not as much efficient in grinding tough food waste. Though there is no huge sound like other disposals, but the unit is not quite at all. There is a vibrating sound you can hear while it is running.



Whenever you go to buy any product, you will get positive and negative reviews about it. This unit is no exception to that. But, the matter of fact is that the cons are not actually disturbing in comparison to the benefits you can get from this smallest garbage disposal. So, if you want to buy a new one, try it now. Looking for the Best Large Capacity Garbage Disposal? then the General Electric GFC520V 1/2 Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal could be just what you are looking for.

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