The Best Garbage Disposal for a Septic System That Any Household Needs

OK, so I am a little over confident but at the same time proud of myself for installing the Best Garbage Disposal for a Septic System and this was done without a sweat and best of all it took me about half an hour. If my name were Clumpsy with a beer belly, dumb hands and a bad case of plumber’s crack, this review wouldn’t be half as amazing. In reality, like always full of confidence (that I could tackle this project head on and prove once again nothing is impossible, especially when you have the right tools and the stomach for it. My wife?  Well not so confident, and there is nothing that convince her easily. So she puts me on the no-drips-in-week test.

So, here are a few tips I learned over the years:

  • Always buy the same brand as your current one that you want to replace: For me, my current one (had it more than 8 years) is the InSinkErator. Buying the same brand should make it easy to having to reinstall the drain portion of the garbage disposal. You can even search online and compare the top portion of the disposals (the portion with the drain) that way you can tell if all brands are compatible at the top, but according to my experience all InSinkErators appear to be compatible at the top, making it hassle free to change from model to model. What I also found is that all InSinkErator‘s models kept the same distance from the top of the unit to the disposal outlet. This will make it easy for anyone to install the plumbing pipes beneath the sink without having to make any adjustments.


  • You’ll need some Teflon Tape or Joint Compound to join the pipes together: Hopefully you won’t need to make any plumbing adjustments by swapping out your old InSinkErator for your new InSinkErator, but you will still need to put your plumbing pipes back together without any leaks. The most effective way to ensure that there is no leaks at the joint of the pipes is to have a tube of joint compound (mine has Teflon in it) or Teflon tape on hand. Wrap the Teflon Tape around the threads of the pipes or use a small portion of compound to smear over the threads before you screw the PVC Pipes back together.


  • Pay for a Decent Model: If you are reading this review, then you are probably considering the purchase of this model (InSinkErator CNTR333 Contractor 33 ¾ HP). Good for you. If you are unsure that you need a 3/4 HP then who wouldn’t want some extra engine power under the hood? I was thinking if I could do this job, then just about anybody could handle it. Professional Plumbers are expensive and many of them charge by the hour. Save that money for someday when you actually have a problem real problem that requires some expert assistance. This job is simple.

Key Points of The Best Garbage Disposal for a Septic System

Best Garbage Disposal for a Septic System


  • This automated machine has a Quick Lock Mounting
  • Stainless Steel Grinding Components
  • Continuous Feed Operation
  • Three Years In-Home Parts and Labor Warranty
  • ¾ Horsepower



  • Not so Super Quiet
  • Rubber stopper and flap is not removable



I know that many people feel that Garbage Disposals can harm their drain systems or septic tanks but industries like the National Small Flows Clearinghouse stated that Garbage Disposal Units operates well with Septic Tanks. That is why I choose the InSinkErator CNTR333 Contractor 33 ¾ HP as the Best Garbage Disposal for a Septic System. Maybe you are in the market for a Smaller Disposal than probably want to read our review on the Waste King Legend 1001 Garbage Disposal

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