Badger 100 Garbage Disposal – A Smart Disposer of Food Waste

The Badger 100 Garbage Disposal is an excellent disposer of excessive food waste. The InSink Badger 100 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposer that the company has made available is one of many reliable waste disposers in their product line. This product has made many customers happy and in this short review, you are going to find out why this is the case.


Features of the Badger 100 Garbage Disposal

  • The Badger 100 Garbage Disposal comes with an awesome induction motor that runs on 1/3 horsepower, thereby giving you the best solution to all of your garbage disposing needs. The tremendous power of this Badger is good enough to deal with some harder foods, along with small wasted food.
  • The outside body of the Badger has been manufactured of galvanized steel in order to make it resistant to any electrical occurrences that might happen in your home.
  • Like most of the company’s products the Badger 100 has a two year warranty and covers any factory faults that might occur due to the product not been properly manufactured by the company.


  • This product is homegrown, which means that it has been proudly made in the United States.


    • The Badger 100 comes with a useful technology called QuickLock which would make installation easy for any plumber or mason.


  • The powerful 1/3 induction motor is powerful enough to quickly dispose of food waste, allowing you to rely on this household garbage disposal machine for pretty much all of your wasted food disposal in a orderly manner within a short amount of time


  • Since the Badger 100 Garbage Disposal has been made of galvanized steel, it can take a lot of rough handling. Damage may occur no matter how careful you are, so the fact that this product is so durable you’ll be satisfied that you can use it for a extensive period of time instead of having to get it repaired often.
  • The Badger 100 Garbage Disposal installation is easy, so you will be able to start using it almost immediately.


  • This garbage disposer is not too noisy so you’ll be able to continue your conversations inside the kitchen.


  • The warranty covers both parts and labor. Meaning that you will be sure of getting a replacement part if the Badger stops working due to a malfunction
  • With extra hardened blades the machine are adept at chopping up the remains of your food.



  • While the blades of this garbage disposer are certainly very sharp, they get blunt quite easily. The company offers replacement blades for you but it can cause a lot of delay during which your food waste might build up, and this can be very inconvenient.
  • The overall weight of the InSinkErator Badger 100 might be an issue for people because it would make it somewhat difficult to position it within countertops that are not built to withstand heavy products.



This Badger 100 Garbage Disposal has certain shortcomings, but overall, it makes for the perfect waste disposer for low to moderate use. It is certainly powerful enough to deal with most heavy loads that you might throw at it and the warranty means that for two whole years, you will not have to worry even if any of the negatives apply to you.

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