General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal

Are you looking for the Best Large Capacity Food Waste Disposal? Then the General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal is trusted brand within its respective price range. The household garbage disposal unit has become probably the most essential home appliance for the modern homes. People often cook more food than their requirement. They throw the waste food into the garbage can. It remains as it is until people throw the garbage out of the house. The waste food attracts many bugs and produces several microbes that can harm your life. Therefore, a reliable garbage disposal unit has become the most needed appliance in every home.

General Electric has produced some of the best garbage disposal units till the date. It has been serving people for more than 100 years and its GFC520V ½ Horsepower continuous feed disposal can be a great choice for your garbage disposal demands. You will find this garbage disposer in every list, whenever you will search for the best large capacity food waste disposal. Let’s check its features and other specs to evaluate how effective it is.

Large Capacity Food Waste Disposal

Notable features:

  • This large capacity food scrap disposer is equipped with a ½ HP permanent magnet motor. This motor is responsible for improving the performance of the disposer and turning it into a large capacity food scrap disposer. The grinder rotates at 2800 RPM, which means all the waste food in your kitchen will pulverize within a few seconds and removed out through the drains.
  • The installation and replacement becomes a very simple task because the EZ mount installation offers better ease and durability.
  • The grinder comprises durable stainless steel blades that can easily crush the bones and other tough materials.
  • The chances of jam are quite low because this disposer has dual swivel blades.
  • The capacity of this garbage disposal unit is larger than other household disposers because it comes with a galvanized steel turntable. There will be a direct wire power connection to turn on and off the disposer.

Why does GFC 520V waste food disposer seem a useful appliance for every home and restaurant?

There are several things that turn GFC 520V waste disposer into a reliable choice. Those things are listed below to endorse how effectively this garbage disposal unit works.

  • Compact design:

The General Electric GFC520V large capacity garbage disposal is equipped with a powerful motor and it has an attractive shape. The designers have invested a long time in designing this disposer. Installing it would be pretty easy and the on/off switch would make operation very simple. It is one of those garbage disposers that offer multi level grinding facility. The two stage impellers grind the whole waste food effectively. In fact, crushing and removing hard material would also be quite a simple task for you. Stainless steel made blades offer a long lasting service. The size of this disposer is 5.2”x5.2”x12.8”, which means you can install it anywhere you want.

  • No noise pollution:

General Electric has spent a long time in designing a perfect garbage disposer. It seems like they have succeeded because GFC520V does not make irritating noise. It has a full sound insulation package that prevents the loud noise of the grinding operation. There is a splash guard in this garbage disposal unit that ensures a clean and silent operation of the disposer. This appliance also does not make any sort of vibration, when you turn it on. So, it is a right choice for noise-free and vibration-free garbage disposal.

  • The feed is continuous:

There is no need to turn on and turn off the GFC520V time and again because the feed is continuous. You can feed and grind a large quantity of food scraps. The disposer will effectively grind the whole waste food and remove it out of your house through the drains.

Pros and Cons:


  • You get a 1-year warranty with GFC520V garbage disposer.
  • The feed is continuous.
  • No noisy operation and no vibration.
  • Easy to install.


  • The removal of sink flange is necessary in order to install this unit.
  • This garbage disposer may collapse after some time of installation and you will have to reinstall it.


When it comes to choosing the best large capacity food waste disposer, you simply can’t ignore the GFC520V garbage disposer. It has a few drawbacks, but it is a reliable and affordable garbage disposal unit.


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