TOP 5: Best Simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans Reviews in 2017

A kitchen trash can is one of the most rapidly used appliances in your kitchen and the Semi-Round Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans are even more useful. It offers you a safe way of disposing kitchen waste. You may need to open the normal trash cans several times, when you are cooking in the kitchen. Most of the individuals prefer to collect the whole waste on the table top during the meal preparation and later they throw in the garbage can. People do so because they don’t want to open the lid time and again to throw the garbage. What if you get a trash can that can open its lid itself and allow you to throw the garbage in? Yes, such cans exist and these are Touchless Kitchen Waste Bins.


What is a Touchless kitchen trash can?

A Touchless trash can is just like a normal trash can, but you don’t need to bend and touch the can to open its lid. These Touchless cans use motion sensors to detect the command and open the lid automatically, whenever you want to dispose of the garbage. All you need to do is wave your hand or the waste in front of the sensor and the can will open the lid automatically. The kitchen garbage disposal can be completely hands-free operated. The Semi-round Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans are considered the best for their features and smooth operations. Still, you should check a few things before buying the can so that you can invest your bucks in a high-quality product.


Why a Touchless kitchen trash can is better than the normal trash can?

These waste bins come with a wide range of benefits. Some of those benefits are listed below to explain you the importance of Touchless kitchen trash cans.

  • Better durability and service:

Most of the homeowners buy the SimpleHuman plastic garbage cans. Such cans seem affordable in comparison to the Touchless cans, but what about their durability and service? You will have to buy a new can within a few months, if you are using a plastic garbage can. The Semi-round Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans are built from stainless steel. These are quite durable cans that can serve you longer than the normal Plastic Waste Bins. In fact, you can take service for more than two years. You will save a lot of money that you may spend on buying several plastic garbage cans.

  • Hygienic operation:

Don’t you think it would be better to use a kitchen trash can without touching it? Of course, it would be better for your health and you cannot get such facility in normal trash cans. Yes, you can find some pedal trash cans, but it won’t offer a touch-free operation. When it comes to maintaining a complete hygiene, there is nothing better than the semi-round Touchless kitchen garbage can. So, go for it instead of wasting your money in other types’ of garbage cans.

  • Better style:

A Touchless garbage can looks more stylish than other cans. It would appear like a normal can, but its operation will impress your guests. You can set this garbage can in your kitchen and let your guests see the magic. People would certainly admire your choice because it would appear like an upgraded version of traditional trash cans. You must replace the old garbage can with Touchless can, if you are renovating your kitchen and turning it into a modular kitchen. Your new trash can will become one of the most appealing appliances in the kitchen.


Buying the best Touchless kitchen trash can:

Many brands are producing Touchless trash cans, but it is Simplehuman that provides the best Semi-round Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans. We have reviewed the Simplehuman trash cans to help you in buying the best Touchless Kitchen Trash Can.


  1. Simplehuman 45L Semi-Round Sensor Can:

Simplehuman is probably the most famous brand of trash cans that has been supplying high-quality trash cans for a long time. It is Simplehuman 45L Semi-Round, 2nd generation Sensor Can that comes with a plastic lid. It is equipped with motion sensors that respond to your commands quickly. The infrared field senses as you wave your hand or trash in front of the lid and the lid opens automatically. This trash can is on the top of this list because it works smoothly and it has steady power that offers consistent lid operation. The stainless steel liner rim offers quick liner change facility and it is coated with nano-silver clear coat that prevents germs.
Best Simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans Reviews in 2017


  • You get 4 AA alkaline batteries with this Semi-Round Sensor Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans.
  • The manufacturer is offering a 5-year warranty to ensure an impressive performance of this trash can.
  • Stainless-steel construction.
  • It is durable and reliable.


You may face issues in cleaning the can around the sensor area otherwise it works well.


  1. Simplehuman 45L Brushed Stainless Semi-Round Sensor Can:

It is another great product from Simplehuman. This trash can works intelligently by adopting you and the surrounding environment. There is no chance of false triggers and there will also not be unexpected lid closures. It is equipped with a precision motor and planetary gear system, which generate smooth and stable power for the trash can. The liner rim is built to hide the liner and protect it. This is an antimicrobial trash can because the manufacturer is providing it with nano-silver coating to protect the steel and make it fingerprint-proof. Just like other cans, the manufacturer is also offering a 5-year warranty on this trash can.
Semi-Round Sensor Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans


  • It is a durable can, completely made from stainless-steel.
  • Works preciously and there is no chance of false triggers and lid closure.
  • You get a 5-year warranty on this trash can.


Some users have reported issues related to the lid opening and closure. However, a large number of users are happy with the performance of this trash can. Therefore, we consider it a great choice.


  1. Simplehuman 40L Semi-Round Sensor Can:

The Simplehuman 40L Semi Round Sensor can seem like a low capacity variant of the 45L Touchless trash can. This trash can also sense the command by using infrared motion sensors. You have to wave the trash bag above it, if you want to open the lid. It comes with custom fit liners that improve a smooth and quiet operation of the trash can. The power supply will remain constant for the whole year; all you have to do is fix four AA Alkaline batteries. This trash can was built to promote neat and easy operation. The outer lid opens very quickly, so there would be no mess around the trash can.
Semi-Round Sensor Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans


  • It is a plastic made trash can, so it is durable and affordable too.
  • The whisper quiet operation will impress you.
  • The planetary gear system offers a smooth and quick operation.


Hence, it is a plastic can, it may not serve as long as stainless-steel variants.

Check out our reviews on these Motion Sensor Trash Cans

  1. 58 liter Rectangular Sensor Can with Voice and Motion Control:

Simplehuman seems like a brand, which is eager to develop cutting-edge trash cans for your kitchen and office. If you think the motion sensor cans are the most innovative trash cans, then take a look of the 58 Liter Rectangular Sensor Can with Voice and Motion Control. It is the trash can for all the modular kitchens. Now, you don’t need to step towards the can and wave the trash or your hand to open the lid. All you have to do is say “Open Can” and the lid will open. It is also equipped with the motion sensors that will allow you to open the lid by waving your hand.

Semi-Round Sensor Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans


  • This trash can recognize voice commands and operates according to said commands.
  • It is stainless steel made can and therefore it is durable enough to last for a very long time.
  • It also has motion sensors.
  • You get a 5-year warranty on this trash can.


This trash can works on voice control technology and it is new in the market, so there are no details available regarding the drawbacks.


  1. Rectangular sensor can with voice and motion control rose gold steel:

Semi-Round Sensor Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans

Simplehuman has produced some great variants of the 58L voice control trash can. It is the Rose Gold Steel made variant that possesses all the similar features. However, it looks more attractive than the stainless-steel made variant of the trash can. You can get it online, if you want to equip your kitchen with a cutting-edge trash can. All the pros and cons are similar to the 58L rectangular sensor, stainless steel can.


All the listed Touchless trash cans are from Simplehuman brand. This brand is famous across the world for supplying the best quality trash cans. As you can check in the reviews, manufacturers have used the latest technology to produce durable, reliable, and useful Semi-Round Sensor Touchless Kitchen Trash Cans. We would appreciate sharing your experience with us what type of Touchless trash you have, what you like and dislike about it. Please make sure to hit the share button to help spread the word.

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