Top 6: Best Bathroom Trash Cans Review 2017

Whether you are passionate in the general artistic taste of your bathroom or you just want some down to earth bathroom items that make life easier, a bathroom trash can is essential. Unlike kitchen trash cans or waste disposal units that can be mounted beneath the kitchen sink, bathroom trash cans are usually smaller. To eliminate the possibility to dispose of waste each day these bathroom trash cans should not be too small (that wouldn’t be convenient at all).

For fancy home decorators who want their designs to match, there are household brands that have items made to match, from your living room, the bedroom, and even the bathroom. For the bathroom, you’ll find everything from a bathroom rug, toilet seats, towel rails, trash cans, soap dispenser and much more. Just use our review guide below to find the perfect bathroom trash can.


  • Price

A bathroom trash can is the most essential overlooked item in your private space. While this holds true to many we consider this as an essential part especially when it comes down to dispose of sanitary items that don’t need lying around. Thankfully there are a lot of options to choose from. The price range of these items varies depending on the features like design, weight, material, size, and brand.

You can pick a good trash can from anywhere between $10 to $80, because like every other product, there are low end, mid end and high-end options available. As stated before, there are many factors which determine the price of an item. In the course of our research, searching through hundreds of bathroom trash cans, (automated and manual) we found some cheap bathroom trash cans, but the features they provide do not offer value for money, so we left them out.

Rest assured you can be confident that any product you choose or brand you decide to go with will provide the desired value for your money.


  • Construction

There are a number of excellently constructed bathroom trash cans that are designed to be compact enough to fit small spaces and they some even have mechanisms in place to make them practical and function a whole lot better. A good choice is a trash can with a solid cover which ensures that waste and odor is sealed within the can.

Touchless Trash cans and bathroom waste bins with pedals are a better option than those that don’t have pedals or sensors. These types of waste bins are also more hygienic because you don’t have to use your hands to open the lid while some of them even come with built-in fragrance cartridges and odor filters. As a rule of thumb, a Bathroom Trash Can should be compact enough to fit into tight spaces. There’s even Wall Mounted Bathroom Bins available for individuals who have a really small space or even none available on the floor.

To make it more convenient some manufacturers even included a detachable interior (a smaller container inside) to some of these bins to make disposing of trash easier. So you don’t have to worry about the content of the trash bag spilling whenever the waste bin gets punctured and waste dripping on the floor.

Like previously said it’s important to measure the height and width where the Trash Can need to be allocated so you don’t get one that’s too high or too wide for the available space. Keep in mind that the bathroom trash can will be frequently opened. A suitable space is somewhere under the bathroom sink or between the toilet seat and bathtub.


  • Performance

One particular feature that one does not need to forget is the performance a specific product needs to provide. One of the most annoying things you’ve probably experienced is when you have a plastic foot pedal trash can when you press the pedal with your foot the whole can shifts to one direction. There for it is important to choose a trash can that has some weight to it to help it keep steady or from tilting forward when being used.
Trash cans, whether it’s for outdoor or indoor use, touchless or manual operated it’s manufactured of stainless steel or plastic.

Keep in mind due to the high level of humidity in bathrooms especially when the bathroom windows are constantly locked, the best material to avoid rust is a stainless steel trash can.

Another valuable point to consider whenever you choose a plastic or stainless steel bathroom trash can, the bottom of the can should be made from rubber or should even have rubber feet underneath it so it doesn’t spoil the tiles easily.


1. Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can, Stainless Steel, 4.5 L / 1.2 Gal

Looking for a small but elegant trash can for your bathroom? The Simplehuman Step Trash Can is excellent because of its pleasing appearance and simple functionality. Made from brushed stainless steel, and features a strong feet steel pedal with a fingerprint-proof surface for easy cleaning. For convenience and unexpected events, it comes with a removable inner liner that catches leaks and lets you take out the rubbish easily. Also available is a custom fit trash bag while you receive a full 10-year upon purchase of the Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can.

The Mini Round Step Trash Can have received raving reviews from customers who purchased it making this trash can a top seller in its receptive category. Upon further investigation you’ll notice the sleek look while keeping odor inside when the lid is closed. Some customers mentioned small issues with the trash can while being used on a carpet but overall most customers have been satisfied with their purchase. You can even choose between a polished stainless steel, white, or bronze finish.

Best Bathroom Trash Cans Review 2017

2. NINE STARS DZT-8-1 The Original Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can, 2.1 Gal. / 8 L., Stainless Steel

The Nine Stars DZT-8-1 is a double threat in comparison to most of its competitors. Nine Stars is known for their trash can quality, functionality, the overall look, technology and competitive price. For all this reason listed, we’ve couldn’t pass the Nine Stars DZT-8-1 by.

The DZT-8-1 stands at 14 inches tall which is just above the median height on our Top 6: Best Bathroom Trash Cans 2017 list. It’s around 7 inches in its depth, which also the average depth of most of these bathroom waste bins here while the opened lid adds approximately another 6 inches on top of the 14-inch overall height.

Speaking of the lid, it seals well while keeping odor and waste inside and is powered by 4 D batteries, which are not included. Having a hands-free touch lid is great for keeping your hands off the bathroom trash can which could lead to cross contamination of bacteria. But if you’re not into Nine Stars Touchless trash cans, perhaps one of our next 4 competitors will have your blessing.
Bathroom Trash Cans

3. Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can, 10 L/2.6 gallons, Brushed Stainless Steel with Grey Trim

While the Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can is number 3 on our list it doesn’t mean it’s not as glamorous, and sturdy build like the above kitchen trash cans. To us, the 10 L / 2.6 Gallon is just a step down from the Nine Stars model as being the 2nd best bathroom trash cans.

While the Butterfly Step Trash Can compete in most of the major categories, they fall just short due to price and functionality. The price of the Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can have its place in the high-end range of our price scale. But that doesn’t mean it’s over priced without having any benefits to the user. The step paddle has a nice soft pressure to it so that the lids don’t fly open like a Ghostbusters’ ghost trap. The lid then slowly close to avoids any unnecessary sound or rumble.

The step has also been tested and will last for over 150,000 steps, which will outlast any of the other step trash cans on our list. Even though the split doors are an excellent choice for lower clearances models you definitely shouldn’t consider to put it under the sink (like the Nine Stars). For a high-end toilet trash can, the Simplehuman is a premium option.

Bathroom Trash Cans

4. Heim Concept Step Trash Can with Slow Down Close, 2.6-Gallon, Brushed Stainless Steel

Our next competitor trash can with slow closing lid is reminiscent of the Simplehuman, obviously in a different design. What we liked about the Heim Concept Step Trash Can over similar style trash cans is its well-built quality and slow-closing lid.

To make disposing garbage easier the Heim Concept bathroom trash can comes with a removable inner bucket for wrapping up trash bags around with a convenient fold-down carrying handle. This is a nice feature for easily moving the can to different spots or for easily emptying its contents.

Designed with a brushed stainless steel fingerprint proof case the 2.6 Gallon will fit in your kitchen, man cave and yes, your toilet perfectly. Throw in a 4-gallon trash bag and you’re good to go!

Bathroom Trash Cans


5. Umbra Skinny Polypropylene Waste Can, 2 Gallon (7.5L), Silver

If you’d rather go for a bathroom trash can without a lid, the sleek design Umbra Skinny Waste Can is a great option. The oval can is purely made from durable polypropylene and available in nine different colors including red, mist blue, silver, bronze, and white. With the integrated handles for carrying it can easily hold two gallons of trash in a single dump.

The downside of this product in terms of negative reviews from customers is the constant break of plastic. This can be expected as it is made from polypropylene. Other than the few negative reviews most customers consider this product value for your buck and impressed with the design.

Bathroom Trash Cans

6. Rubbermaid Vanity Trash Can Wastebasket 6.0 quarts (FG295300WHT)

If none of the above-reviewed trash cans fit your needs than this general multi purpose small trash can, may be the perfect fit for your laundry room, craft room, or kid’s room? This one is a low-cost trash can but also a good bet.

The design is simple, traditional and has a wide rim that holds plastic liners in place. It’s made from durable polypropylene, which means it won’t rust like a metal can might. It’s easy to clean and it can hold up to six quarts, so this baby is perfect for any small space that only accumulates a small amount of garbage like the bathroom.

Many customers said it’s the perfect size for under the sink, very practical and it won’t break the bank. Some complaints regarding the Rubbermaid Vanity Trash Can have mostly been regarding the size—that it seemed smaller than what you would expect.

Bathroom Trash Cans



You could certainly pick up a bathroom trash can at your $1 store around the corner. But will you get a 10-year warranty like the Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can or will it be touchless like the Nine Stars DZT-8-1 and will it hold up to 150 000 steps like the Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can? If your answer is yes to all those questions than you’ve probably found a winner.