Top 5: Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans 2017 Review

Your trash can is like a small treasure chest to your little one. Take a peep inside and you’ll see all the colors and shapes that are ready for your baby and even your pets to nibble or even worse to swallow. Those not so beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors are definitely not something that you want near your little one. Sharp objects like opened cans, bones and even foul odor are things that are frequently found in waste bins. A perfect way to baby or dog proof your trash can is to invest in these Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans. Yes, it might be a bit expensive but I would rather feel safe than sorry.


While there are some alternative methods to lock a trash can like this Bin Strap Garbage Lock the only problem you’ll face is to repeatedly unlock the strap when you dispose of the garbage. The easiest and most effective way to baby proof your trash can is to lock it away in a cabinet.

While this method is highly recommended by many home owners, some of them find it inconvenient to regularly have to open the cabinet doors just to throw away the trash in the bin that’s been hiding away in the cabinet. And who wants to hide the trash can especially if you’ve got a stylish one that compliments your kitchen décor?


Your other option is to invest a trash can with a lock. The lock will stop your curious child or pet from opening the rubbish bin, preventing its dangerous contents from becoming a play toy. With this said we’ve compiled a list of the Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans.


1. Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

This Simplehuman Step Trash Can look stylish, especially in black, and has two safety features that will protect your young ones, dogs and cats from entering it. This trash can has both a latch and foot pedal, making it difficult for children to open the lid
The build quality is sturdy making it harder for pets to knock it over. And with the black finger proof coating (even if it gets knocked over) the ugly dents won’t show. Even though is sturdy it’s light enough to be moved around the kitchen floor.

The protective guard on the back keeps it from unnecessary scratches and possible dents from the kitchen wall. The lid closes silently and this is because of the impressive Shox technology Simplehuman implemented in the springs. And with a 5-year manufacturers warranty, you can rest assured that you buy a good quality product that is pet and child proof.

 Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans Review

Top 6: Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans Review


• Secure slide lock
• Large capacity for high-traffic areas and busy households
• Strong steel pedal
• Lid Shox technology for a smooth, silent close


• Assembling of the lid can be daunting


2. Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway

Perfect For Outdoors: While the Simplehuman Step Trash Can mentioned above is the absolute best dog proof trash can indoor use like your kitchen, the Suncast Resin Wicker (or as the manufacturers call, trash hideaway) is the best Premium Quality Lockable Trash Can for the outdoors like your patio.

On a side note, not only will the Wicker look stylish outdoors but many owners confirm that they gladly placed the Suncast Trash Hideaway in their kitchen and don’t even look a bit out of place. The Trash Hideaway is the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor use.

Locking Rubbish Bin: The Resin Wicker Hideaway boast with some awesome features making this Wicker the obvious choice for most homeowners, for a stylish outdoor trash hideaway. One of the most obvious features is its strong and tightly secured locking lid mechanism, making it impossible for your dog to open and grab a midnight snack. It’s also tall enough so your baby won’t be able to reach the top and open the lid.

Top 6: Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans Review

 Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans Review


• Durable, contemporary design looks great on patio
• Keep your area clean while adding style to the ambiance of you outdoor area
• This trash hideaway features a latching lid
• Solid bottom panel. Hold 30-33 gallon garbage bags
• Stay dry design


• No place to attach your trash bag


3. Simplehuman Slim Plastic Step Trash Can, Black Plastic, 40 L / 10.6 Gal

Even though the Simplehuman Slim Plastic Trash Can lack the diva style motion sensor like these Touchless Trash Cans we’ve previously reviewed it does its job just fine. Just like its older brother mentioned in spot number #1, it uses a foot pedal mechanism to open the lid. The Slim is made from durable plastic and with its sleek design and black coated finger proof finish the bin will complement any styled kitchen and even bathroom for that matter.

You’ll appreciate the locking lid design that keeps toddlers out and garbage in. And with a light foot tap on the pedal, the lid open up instantly and stays open until you manually close it. And with the integrated Shox technology, the lid closes silently so you won’t disturb the sleeping persons in the house.

The space saving slim shaped design will ensure that you can easily fit the Step Trash Can between two kitchen units without compromising floor space. As far as I know, Simplehuman provides some of the Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans currently on the market.

Top 6: Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans Review

Top 6: Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans Review


• Silent close lid
• Space-saving shape
• Lid Shox technology ensures a smooth, silent close every time
• Built-in wheels
• 5-year warranty


• The wheels have no stoppers


4. simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can, Commercial Grade, 30 L / 8 Gal

Looking for Trash Can that you safely tucked away inside a cabinet? Then the Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can for Simplehuman is the best choice for small department owners who have minimal floor space for those big flashy trash cans. Not only is it perfect for those who love a clean and minimal kitchen look but it’s another perfect choice to keep pets and small children out of the trash can. If space is not an option, you can even position it under water sink to keep your dog out and the smelling trash in.

I like the Simplehuman pull out trash can for its excellent build quality and the moderate size to fit a small household. Should you decide to install it under the sink then you should be aware of all the plumbing under the sink cabinet. And if you have a garbage disposal operating under the kitchen sink then it is critical that the Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can be positioned at a safe distance from your disposal unit.

Even though it seems a bit more complex to have a pull-out trash can installed but it’s a very effective dog proof and child proof trash can. To make it more secure you can even install a latch to make it impossible for snooping kids to open the cabinet.

Top 6: Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans Review

Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans


• Glides out smoothly on commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks
• Extends out up to 3 feet for easy access
• Easy to install
• 5-year warranty


• Can be frustrating to frequently open the cabinet to dispose of the waste.
• Some may find it difficult to install


5. Sterilite 10739002 12.6 Gallon/48 Liter Locking Step-On Wastebasket, Black Lid & Base w/ Titanium Pedal & Lock, 2-Pack

The Sterilite Waste Basket is a Premium Quality Locking Trash Can design with a modern textured aesthetic. This garbage can feature a locking lid with a durable titanium pedal that will prevent pets and children from snooping in the trash. The entire lid will stay safe and secured to the base even if the wastebasket is accidentally pushed over. When you are ready to dispose of the waste a slight step on the foot pedal will release the hinged mechanism to open the lid a for hands-free trash disposal.

 Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans

Top 6: Best Premium Quality Locking Trash Cans Review


• Includes 2 Wastebaskets, 2 Lids
• Made in the USA
• Step-On lid opens with a slight step
• Locking lid keeps pets and children out of the trash


• The recess with the step pedal is a bit small
• No solid bottom
• No removable insert


Additional Tips You Need To Consider:

In order to accommodate the safety of your little ones you need to adjust your kitchen habits:

Never leave loose stuff hanging over the kitchen cabinets. This includes electrical cords, pan handles, knives, kitchen cloths, forks and even spoons. Your baby could easily pull these stuff down while accidentally injuring him/her in a split second

Be careful where you leave hot beverages.
Be extra careful where you leave that hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Their A curious hands can easily knock it over resulting in serious burns.

• Return objects such as knives or glasses to cabinets as soon as you have finished using them. Objects such as knives, glasses, and porcelain are a recipe for disaster especially when left unattended for young children to have a go at it.

Never leave appliances plugged in. Appliances such as toaster, sandwich makers, and coffee machines should be immediately plugged out and put away and put high enough out of reach of young children.


Premium Quality Child Safety Cabinet Locks For Child Proofing – No drilling Baby Safety – Baby…



• Suitable for locking cabinets, drawers, closets, garbage bins, fridge, etc.
• Made from non-toxic Material
• Adjustable Strap Allow adjusting (3 to 7in) to fit any size of appliance and furniture.
• No Tools Required for installation
• Easy to remove without leaving any mark and hole.
• Long Time Warranty
• 12-Month replacement and refund guarantee.