Top 6 Most Wanted: Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans Review

Cleaning your kitchen is an important component of home maintenance. A kitchen that is regularly and well maintained not only increases the visual aspect of your house, but it also enables you to eliminate pests, odor, and debris from your property. Keeping your kitchen clean requires two important things – determination and one of these Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans. While finding the courage to clean your kitchen can be hard, but choosing the Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans, can be harder.


When shopping for a new garbage can, you need to focus on a number of factors. This includes things such as the type of Trash Can (Touchless or Step Trash Can), budget, the size of your kitchen, as well as brand. The features of trash cans should be compatible with the maintenance requirements of your kitchen. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is important to look into the different options in the market has to offer.

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Types of Trash Cans – Touchless, Step, Touch

Kitchen Trash Cans can be set apart according to their size, functionality and price range. Most importantly, these machines can be classified according to their environmental friendliness. Trash Cans are usually operated by electricity (Battery or AC Adapter), foot pedal or by hand. The following are the two main types of kitchen trash cans that you need to know.


Battery Powered Trash Cans

Battery powered trash cans are operated by rechargeable batteries. These types of trash cans usually include 4 D Size batteries that are placed inside of the machine. These batteries can easily be swap out or recharged once they are depleted. They also tend to last between 6 months and one year depending on the frequent use of the machine. One of the biggest advantages of battery-powered trash cans is the fact that they enable you to dispose of garbage without high electricity costs.


Touchless / Corded Trash Cans

These trash cans work by directly connecting the rubbish bin to a power outlet. The user friendliness and the absence of manual labor are some of the most beneficial features of this type. You will be able to operate the bin without cross terminating bacteria. The appliance can also be easily operated and handled since you only need to place your hand in the sensor zone for the lid to open. It then automatically closes once you’ve removed your hand from the sensor zone. Most Touchless trash cans have mostly the same features to make life more pleasant in the kitchen area which we’ll briefly describe below.


Deodorizers – These are activated carbon cartridges to filter the air. This uses the same mechanism that you see in air filters. Waste bins with this essential element have air filters built into them. While this is an effective way to filter foul air it also incurs maintenance cost. The carbon filter needs to be periodically replaced after it went bad.

Easy Bag Removal – Some of these airtight kitchen trash cans are built with two components, the “bucket” that keeps the garbage and the container which holds the bucket. Some of these buckets have holes which make it easier to take the trash out. On the down side, these holes can be harder to clean when it’s time to clean your kitchen trash can.

Garbage Bag Rings – This piece of add-on refers to a piece which is positioned on the top of a waste bin which is placed over the top of where the garbage bag hangs out. This gives the trash can a sleeker look. However when it’s time to change the bag it may take some effort pulling the ring out over the bag.

1. iTouchless Deodorizer Automatic Sensor Touchless Trash Can, 49 Liter / 13 Gallon, Stainless Steel

A hands-free trash can, this model throws out all negative thoughts we’ve known about trash cans we’ve all got accustomed to over the course of our life span. The iTouchless Automatic Touchless Trash Can opens up automatically whenever trash needs to be disposed of. While it’s sensor is powerful and reliable, you’ll notice it to only work at a fairly short distance. While this may sound like a sore throat, this couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, who wants a trash bin that opens up when you’re outside in the garden? This will make sure that the hands-free waste bin doesn’t open up all by itself and let foul odor escape into the air.


Speaking of foul odor, there’s another feature where the iTouchless Deodorizer stands out among the competitors. While having an automatic Hands-Free Trash Can, may prove to be tremendously convenient while keeping your hand’s germ-free, this doesn’t really do anyone a favor in terms of releasing smells into thin air.


This is the part where the iTouchless rise above the occasion; this particular model comes equipped with a deodorizer. Equipped with the build-in carbon deodorizer you can safely keep your kitchen free of gross smells that may hang in the air. Some may find it a waste to replace the carbon deodorizer but it can be done so cheaply and while replacing it once in a while. Even if you decide not to replace it, you’ll still have an Excellent Airtight Kitchen Trash can.

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans Review

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans


2. Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can, 13.2-Gallon

Ever rooting for a team or product name that you will never forget, the NineStars Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can does an excellent job rising above the crowd among similar products of its type. Like the iTouchless Deodorizer mentioned above, this particular trash can is of the excellent choices in automatic features. It allows you to open and close its top lid with a wave of your hand without having to worry about getting your hands full of germs. Also, like the iTouchless Deodorizer, the Nine Stars DZT-50-9 has an effective build-in sensor that only works in close proximity, ensuring the lid only opens when needed.


This unit also prevents your kitchen from smelling, but through other means other than a carbon deodorizer. Even though the unit is not equipped with a deodorizer, the air tight lid ensures that the foul smell stays inside the trash can. While air tight lid won’t prove to be as effective as a deodorizer, it still works relatively well while you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing its components. This will save you both time and money in the long run.

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans


3. BestOffice TC-1350R 13-Gallon Touch-free Sensor Automatic Stainless-Steel Trash Can Kitchen

If you’re the person that loves spending time in the office shredding through countless amounts of paper waste than you probably need a good office garbage can that can handle the amount of waste you throw in it. As it turns out, the Best Office Touch Trash Can is just the perfect fit while looking classy in about any space you put it. Like the previous 2 trash cans, it automatically opens and closes when you put your hand in the sensor zone.


While it may not seem like it’s doing an excellent job in preventing the office from smelling (though, it certainly doesn’t do a bad job), you’ll come to find that it does a great job at keeping itself clean. This is due to the materials that are being used in preventing finger print smudges whenever you accidentally touch the bin, you’ll find it looks as good as new under all circumstances. This makes it one of the best models of its type in any office environment.

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans


4. Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can with Liner Rim, Stainless Steel, 45 Liter / 10.5 Gallon

There’s no denying it Simplehuman make awesome products, they are the Ferrari of the trash can industry. This SimpleHuman Touch Trash Can is their latest product in their range of Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans. It is beautiful, excellent and yes you’ve guessed it – pricey. But with this hefty price tag comes some exciting stuff like:



This product is made of high-grade stainless steel; with a nano-silver clear coat protecting the stainless steel can from incurring finger prints and ultimately eliminate germs. It clears a capacity of 45 liters/12 gallons and weights at 10.7 pounds. Even though this a 12-gallon trash can you can fit a 13-gallon trash bag in it. The design of the lid is awesome. For most touchless bins the battery is underneath the lid o there is a greater chance the battery and lid will fell into the can.


To eliminate this catastrophe Simplehuman designed this can with the battery at the back of the hands-free model. They’ve even complemented the can with a compartment at the back to store trash bags so you can easily pull one when it’s needed. And with the special planetary gear system, the manufacturer claims the trash can operates 50% quieter than the competitors.

Ease of use, durability and more….

This product is covered under a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty! While most other manufacturers offer a maximum 1 – 5 years warranty. That says all about this product’s durability.


For false triggers and unexpected lid openings, the intelligent sensor adapts to its surroundings. With a simple hand gesture (wave) the lid automatically opens up. One feature most touchless trash cans lack is the ability to detect your presence and won’t close the lid half way through your task but this bin does all that and more.

Another benefit that most trash cans lack is the ability to manually open the main unit to replace trash bags. These bags are proprietary and fit perfectly and while the outer lid is sealed you won’t notice the outer liner of these bags. With two ways to open the Simlehuman Step Trash Can changes are slim to none that you will end up with a kitchen trash can that’s lid is not opening up. Even if the sensor happens not to respond you’ll be able to manually lift up the outer lid.


Now to use these automated functions you need 4 AA size batteries (which in most cases last up to 1 year) or you can even use an AC Adapter and like the batteries, you need to purchase this separately.

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans


5. Nine Stars 13.2 & 2.1-Gallon Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can, Set of 2

This is a commercial-grade, stainless steel, anti-fingerprint touchless trash can from Nine Stars. This set comes with Nine Stars 13.2 & 2.1 Motion Sensor Trash Can is the perfect set for both batroom and kitchen area. These set of trash cans effectively seals in odor while eliminating cross contamination of germs. Plus, the nano-clear coating makes it easy to clean. Perfect for the kitchen (13.2 gallons) and bathroom (2.1).


The motion sensors are water resistant so accidental water spills won’t harm these Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans. Furthermore, these sensors detect motion within a 130-degree angle. Within 3 seconds of removing your hand out of the sensor zone, the lid atomically closes bin leaving no time for pets to snoop through the garbage.

The double set Nine Stars Automatic Trash Cans also use a plastic bag line ring with an inner plastic liner. While the smaller size bin uses 4 D size batteries the bigger can operate on 3 C size or 4 D size batteries. Due to its energy saving technology, these batteries can last at least one year depending on use but it’s sold separately. If you don’t need a set of 2 different sized touchless trash cans, there’s also the option the Two Compartment Trash Can but should you be interested in a smaller can for the bathroom then one of these Top 6: Best Bathroom Trash Cans will be a perfect choice.

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans


6. Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can, Black Plastic, 50 L / 13 Gal

Another wonderful product from Simplehuman with more than 2000 reviews over at Amazon is the famous SimpleHuman Touch Trash Can. So if you don’t need an automatic trash can but want a waste bin that has the same capacity as a traditional trash can, you will love this one. Yes, it’s also touchless but without the sensor.


This step trash is made sturdy and durable with a very strong feet pedal. Plus the secure slide-lid lock with the airtight lid can effectively prevent pets from breaking in. The Semi-Round Step Trash Can use Shox technology for smooth and quiet operations of the lid and is seen as one of the Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans available at a reasonable price.

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans

Best Airtight Kitchen Trash Cans