Top 5: Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans Review in 2017 for the Above Average Cook

Each kitchen needs a proper trash can to dispose of waste, swept up dust or food remains which accumulate each day preparing food. Trash cans are efficiently manufactured to keep all waste in a single place until you dispose of it outside in your larger waste bin outside your house. Depending on your cooking habits finding the Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans will probably suit your situation the best in handling more food waste at any given time.

Manufacturers like Simplehuman, iTouchless, Nine Stars and Brabantia has put a lot into their newly designed trash cans (other than garbage of course). Of all the materials which trash cans are produced in, stainless steel waste bins prove to be the most effective and resilient, by lasting longer, being rust-proof and offering sturdiness.

Some added benefits other than the touchless operation are the integration of the odor filter and fragrance cartridge to help fight spreading of germs through the air waves.

Scroll on to find out more about the Top 5: Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans to effectively manage household garbage for the above average clenbuterol köpa cook.


1. Simplehuman Bullet Open Top Tall Kitchen Trash Can, Commercial Grade, 60 L / 16 Gal

This 50L Simplehuman Slim Open Top Commercial Grade trash can is one of the thinnest 13-gallon stainless steel garbage cans available on the market. So for those kitchens where space remains limited, a narrow waste bin can work best.

Unfortunately, the opening in the top of the waste can measure narrower than the overall dimension of the can. This makes it difficult to dispose larger objects into the can without spilling some waste. Despite this small issue which isn’t much of a deal breaker the Simplehuman Slim Open Top Trash Can receive hundreds of positive reviews over the course of time.

For easy cleanup Simplehuman provided the Open Top Trash Can with a brushed stainless steel finished case while you can also choose between the Rose Gold Steel and Dark Bronze Steel. Unfortunately, the waste bin has no lid so odor may be a problem while pets can gain easy access to waste and even tipping the waste bin over.

One advantage of this tall trash can is the height. Smaller pets will have a harder time reaching the top of the can which has an item weight of 13.2 pounds and a product dimension of 18.2 x 10.7 x 23.7 inches tall.

Despite some drawbacks which can be expected from any product this tall kitchen trash can with its beautiful design stands tall against most of its competitors. Like in our previous post we agree that Simplehuman Trash Cans is worth every penny spent.

Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans Review in 2017


• Made from high-quality stainless steel
• Great for commercial spaces
• Quick and easy liner change
• Designed for tight spaces


• Pets gain easy access through the open top
• Odor escape through the open top


2. iTouchless Stainless Steel Trash Can, Touchless Sensor Lid, Odor Filter, and Fragrance, 4 Gal

Immediately stop foul bathroom and kitchen odors with the iTouchless Stainless Steel Trash Can with Odor Filter and Fragrance. You’ll be able to enjoy the fresh lemon scent produced by the installed fragrance pack within the can while the odor filter eliminates foul odors in the air.

The touch free technology allows you to operate the Stainless Steel Trash Can without touching the lid when you need to dispose of waste. A simple hand wave within the sensor zone will automatically open the lid and whenever your hand leaves the sensor zone the lid will automatically close. An added benefit to this hand’s free mode is you won’t cross contaminate bacteria from one place to another.

With its innovative energy saving technology, the 4 Gallon iTouchless Stainless Steel Can use only 4 AA size batteries which can last up to 6 months of continued use.  The trash bag retainer ring keeps trash bags in place and out of sight.

Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans


• Hands-free touchless operation
• Odor filter plus fragrance cartridge
• Manufacturers limited 1-year warranty
• Energy saving technology


3. iTouchless Deodorizer Automatic Sensor Trash Can

This 13-gallon stainless steel kitchen trash can is the best seller in commercial trash cans with more than 4000 customer reviews. The modern look with the affordable price point is setting the new standard in automated kitchen trash cans. The iTouchless Trash Can comes with antimicrobial, fingerprint-proof layer to make it germ-safe as well while the combination of plastic and stainless steel creates an eye catching design.

Equipped with an infrared sensor for touchless operations you have the option to choose between 4 D size batteries or an AC adapter for these operations. However, the batteries and adapter are sold separately. Unlike most touchless trash cans this unit has the option to manually open and close the lid by pressing a button in front. An added safety feature is when the unit is turned off the lid acts like a safety lock which is great for pets and small children.

With an Activated Carbon Odor Filter which neutralizes foul odor and even last up to 3 months, you can expect a cleaner and healthier air in and around the kitchen. These carbon odor filters are also harmless to pets.
However, some issues might occur that may let you think twice about these touchless trash cans.

Sometimes these sensors tend to activate just when you walk by or the batteries might die earlier than expected and more often the odor filter needs constant changing. Upon further investigating you’ll find that these incidents only happen once in a while but rest assured that might there be factory defaults you have a full 1-year warranty whenever you purchase the iTouchless Deodorizer Automatic Sensor Trash Can through a reputable reseller like or iTouchless.

Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans


  • No-Touch lid operation
  • Air Vents at the base for easy removal of trash bags
  • No custom bags required
  • Antimicrobial and fingerprint-proof


  • Batteries can die easily


4. Simplehuman Semi-Round Stainless Steel Sensor Can

The Semi-Round Stainless Steel Sensor Can from Simplehuman comes with a 5-year warranty. This is a rather expensive 45L stainless steel sensor kitchen trash can but with Simplehuman you can expect quality, style, and functionality. Apart from the sturdy build quality, the waste can come in four different colors which will complement any contemporary kitchen.

Situated in a well-placed spot is the sensor zone for opening and closing of the lid so there is no accidental operation of the touchless lid. This touchless sensor kitchen trash can uses 4 AA batteries and its location is very easy to access. However, it doesn’t have the option to be powered by an external power source like an AC adapter or even manually open and close the lid on a button. So worst case scenario, if the sensor malfunctions you will have to open it by hand.

This model supports  liner pockets that stores and dispenses trash bags. Both 12 and 13-gallon trash bags fit this bin perfectly.
Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans


• No unexpected lit closures
• Smooth and steady operating lid
• Fingerprint-proof
• Beautiful design


• Expensive
• Don’t support AC Adapter


5.  Brabantia Touch Trash Can (16 Gallon / 60 Liter)

Cooking for an above average size family? then you may find yourself needing a larger size garbage can. Even though a 13 Gallon size trash can is the most used waste bin in the average size kitchen the Brabantia Touch Trash Can offer a 16 Gallon capacity bin. This may not seem like a big difference but with a 23% increase in size you’ll be able to buy fewer trash bags and emptying the bin fewer times than the average size bin.

The Trash Recycling Compost review made some good points regarding the features of this stainless steel trash can like the excellent build quality, and the above average size opening on the Brabantia making the removing of trash bags easier. Brabantia also claims that the matte steel fingerprint-proof finish not only looks sophisticated and elegant but the can always stay smudge free. No more scrubbing to keep this touch can clean from fingerprints.

Brabantia’s Touch trash can sells in different sizes (0.8, 7, 10 and 11 Gallon capacity), while the 16-gallon model marks the largest size. Regardless of capacity Sandhya’s Kitchen point out the awesome touch mechanism found with all of Brabantia’s touch waste bins. These touch bins require only a light touch on the lid for the smooth open and close operation.

One drawback of Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans whether Touchless or Touch operated waste bins is finding an adequate size garbage bag to fit these Tall Kitchen Trash Cans. Over at Amazon, one customer reviewer reported using a tall size 13-gallon bag successfully in the large capacity 16 gallon Brabantia can.

However, Brabantia also provides bags that will fit the 16-gallon waste bin properly. The most common complaint among Amazon customers regarding the Brabantia family of garbage cans is units arriving damaged.
Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans


• Stylish stainless steel garbage can,
• larger than average capacity level,
• multiple capacity sizes available in this design,
• touch-enabled garbage can lid


• Difficulty in finding garbage bags that fit 16-gallon can,
• high price point



Whether you’re in search for a touchless trash can to properly manage food waste or you need a new garbage can blend in with your newly decorated one of these Best Tall Kitchen Trash Cans we’ve reviewed above will probably fit your needs according to price, color scheme, functionality, and design.