Top 7: Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels Review 2017

Most homeowners overlook outdoor tidiness and only focus on indoor neatness. However, this should not be the case; both outdoor and indoor environments should remain clean 24/7. It is important to keep these environment settings clean because this will help promote a safer and hygienically clean environment as well as a proper waste organization. Well, there is obviously more than one way to keep your outdoor environment organized and clean but the easiest and most effective way is by going for one of these Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels that we’ve reviewed down below.

These Outdoor Trash Receptacles is specially designed to keep trash out of harm’s way and the naked eye. They come in many different colors, styles, practical but sturdy enough to resist the adverse outdoor weather conditions.

All of these outdoor waste bins have inset rugged wheels with integrated handles to help make moving over rough terrain a breeze. They are a must-have tool for homeowners who love to keep their backyard neat and tidy.

Getting a top quality one is, however, can be difficult; therefore, we bring you a comprehensive list that talks about the Top 7: Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels. Products listed down below are thoroughly researched and compared to make sure they will live up to your expectations.


1. United Solutions TB0010 34 Gallon Trash Can

The United Solutions 34 Gallon Trash Can is built to last and is one of the best outdoor waste bins on the market today. You will find it convenient hauling garbage to the pavement or pick up trash around your backyard. Most of their products is convenient and versatile for 100-percent satisfaction. This 34 Gallon Trash Can measures 20.75 inches long by 18.875 inches wide by 35.25 inches high, making it the perfect outdoor waste receptacle to accommodate all sorts of litter.


• 34-Gallon capacity: accommodate large-sized trash bags.
• Molded plastic construction: built to last against extreme weather conditions and rough terrain.
• Built-in wheels: They provide easy maneuverability.
• Hook and lock handle: It secures your lid so trash stay inside: away from snooping dogs

Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels

2. United Solutions TB0042

The United Solutions TB0042 is a cheap option compared to the TB0010 rubbish bin. In terms of price most customers even buy the two packs 121.1 Litter Proof Black Trash Can accommodate their needs. The TB0042 features a twist and lock lid for extra security while the rugged wheels make it easy to transport waste around the backyard. However, in terms of quality, this bin would rather be used as a temporary garbage solution and light use while keeping it in the garage or shed for safety but will suit most homes perfectly.


• Twist and lock lid: for extra security against animals
• Use: as a rubbish bin or storage bin for pet food
• 32 Gallon capacity
• 2 Wheels: for easy transportation

Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels

3. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG9W2773 50-gallon Waste/Utility Container

Your backyard is probably the most important place where you invite the guest for social occasions so it’s probable best to keep it neat and tidy as possible. This is where the Rubbermaid FG9W2773 50-gallon Waste Container comes in. This 50-gallon utility container by one of the most reputable manufactures Rubbermaid, will handle all of your waste disposing efforts without breaking the bank. And this means the utility container will meet each of your requirements. The container measures roughly 36-1/2 x 28-1/2 x 23 inches, so expect the best from it.


• Hinged lid: It opens completely while locking against the recycling bin.
• Inset wheels: The utility container is completely
• Durable polypropylene: Making it lightweight yet strong enough to resist cracking in harsh weather conditions.
• Integrated handle: Making it easy to pull or push to your desired location.

Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels


This 8-inch heavy-duty commercial rollout trash can is another excellent product from Rubbermaid. The inset wheels make it easy to maneuver this heavy duty trash bin over curbs and steps. Like the FG9W2773 this 50-gallon heavy duty trash bin comes with a hinged lid that opens all the way back. It also locks against the recycle bin and fits tightly when shutting while the rounded corners and smooth contours make it easy to clean and minimize damage to the unit.


• Durable commercial grade plastic: Can withstand the toughest of weather conditions
• Locking lid: Keeps trash inside and away from pets or young kids
• Inset wheels: Make maneuverability a breeze
• Integrated handle: for convenient pulling or pushing

Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels

Toter® ears its reputation and good standing as the world’s toughest cart builder. Toter Trash Bins meets each challenge head-on. These bins are produced using a patented, stress-free molding technology known as ARM / Advanced Rotational Molding™. This makes the waste bins tougher and more durable than injection molded carts making it last twice as long as injection molded carts. In fact, Toter Trash Bins has the lowest warranty claim rates in the industry which make it one of the most dependable carts with outstanding value.

The Toter 32 Gallon 2 Wheeled Recycling Container is equipped with a flip lid and is easy to move through tough terrains, gates, and doorways. It has an excellent tilt-to-roll ratio while the rugged wheels making it easy to move even when full. The Toter Residential Heavy Duty Cart is compatible with most automated waste trucks and semi-automated cart lifters.


• 32 Gallon Container: compatible with most large trash bags
• Heavy duty construction
• Flip lid: opens wide enough to dispose of trash
• Rugged Wheels: for easy maneuverability

Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels

Another great waste container from Toter is the 025532 Residential 2 Wheeled Waste Container. This product is strong, while the big rugged wheels make it easy to roll over curbs, surfaces such as grass or clay. The secured attached lid opens wide enough and is secure in the rubbish bin and won’t go flying around when the cart is pushed or rolled. This heavy duty container is available in different sizes from 32 to 96 gallons.


• Made from industrial Durable polypropylene
• Secure lid: keeping garbage inside
• Rugged wheels: for tough terrains
• Integrated handle: for convenient maneuverability

Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels

7. Hefty 32-Gallon Lidded Outdoor

The Hefty 32-Gallon Lidded Outdoor Rubbish Bin made it on our Top 7: Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with locking lids and wheels and this bin come with a securely-fitting lid. With its top in close, this wheeled rubbish bin can prevent animals from sneaking into your trash while stopping most odors from escaping out of it. Not surprisingly, the Hefty 32 Gallon accommodates trash bags of the Hefty brand perfectly.


• Commercial-grade wheels: made for easy maneuverability
• Stable base design: for carrying large amounts of trash at one time
• Attached lid: to keep trash inside and animals outside

Best Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels

Are you looking for a more stylish Trash Receptacle that you can use on your patio or even use indoors then these Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels we’ve reviewed above? Then these Trash Receptacles for Indoor and Outdoor use will fit your needs perfectly. Searching for the perfect Dog Poop Compost Bin? We’ve got that covered too with our 5-minute review on the Top 5: Best Dog Poop Compost Bins. Keeping all your Indoor as well as Outdoor Trash Receptacles clean can be solved with these detergents down below.