Top 5: Best Dog Poop Compost Bins in 2017 Review

Unlike human poop that lands in the toilet flushed away through the sewerage pipes dog poop lands on the lawn creating yellow spots ultimately killing your beautiful grass in a matter of days. That’s why thousands of home owners are investing in Dog Poop Compost Bins to help with those unfortunate incidents that may occur.


Dog poop Compost Bins is a trash can that can either be buried beneath the ground or can be placed on a pole away from the grass or vegetable garden. As time goes by you’ll be able to use your doggie’s poop as compost for your garden. When you think not only will you be able to keep your garden in a tip top shape but you’ll also be doing mother nature a favor in disposing of waste.

Will Dog Poop Compost Bins Work with My Soil?

This is a common question that has a few concrete answers so please read carefully before on some basic answers for any homeowner with pets.

Before buying a dog disposal waste bin you need to check your soil drainage. To check the soil you need to dig a hole. This test hole can be smaller than the real hole. You can make the test hole about 1 foot in diameter and 2 feet deep. Pour around 15 – 20 liters of water in and leave for up to 48 hours.

After 24 hours check the hole and if all the water has vanished and the soil is sandy then you need a septic tank style Dog Poop Bin.

After 48 hours and there’s still water in the hole than your soil does not meet the necessary requirement for underground doggie waste bins especially the ones buried in the ground. Fortunately, you’ll be able to get a free standing one like the Dog Waste Station that can be mounted up on a pole. Below have compiled a list of the Best Dog Poop Disposal Bins that will suit your specific situation.


1. Behrens 6110 10-Gallon Locking Lid Can

The Behrens is available in 4 and 6-gallon sizes, this locking lid poop station can by Behrens has racked up thousands of great reviews. Better yet, it’s so affordable you can safely afford more than one if it ever becomes necessary.

If you have a problem with smaller animals like mice or cockroaches getting into your dog’s food, the Behrens 6110 storage option solves the issue. A locking lid means no accidental spills should the can accidentally tips over. The bottom is offset, which keeps the base completely off the ground so there’s no need to worry about odors being absorbed into the dog food.

Top 5: Best Dog Poop Compost Bins in 2017 Review


• Ideal for a pet food storage bin and waste can
• Fire/Rust and heat resistant
• Will not crack like plastic


• Dry storage only


2. Doggie Dooley Septic Tank Style System

The Doggie Dooley Septic Tank Style System install in the ground to provide quick, easy cleanup of dog waste. It works like a basic home septic system by using environment-friendly enzymes and bacteria to decompose dog waste into a ground-absorbed liquid.

Just deposit waste, water and Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator Digester (sold separately). The Doggie Dooley Septic Tank is ideal for most soils except clay. It will also function in temperatures as low as 40°F. Each tank features a step-on lid opening and includes a starter supply of digester.

Model 3000 – Suitable for 2 large or 4 Small Pets. The Galvanized steel digester is designed to digest pet waste for up to 2 large or 4 small pets. The unit has a heavy-duty plastic cover with a built-in overflow device. Complete unit measures 9″ deep x 14″ diameter.

Model 3800X – Suitable for 2 large or 4 small pets. Preferably the strongest pet waste collector and virtually invisible once installed.

The Durable, UV resistant plastic will not rust or diminish and will give you a clean, sanitary lawn for years to come. The unique design features an open bottom to create a waste leach field. It’s improvised with a Step-on lid opening. It has a dimension of 16.5″ x 16.5″ x 18″ deep. To keep your Doggie Dooley Waste System smelling fresh, try Dooley Fresh Deodorizer Kit!

Dog Poop Compost Bins


• Environmentally safe
• Galvanized steel tank
• Foot operational lid opener
• Includes digester


• Fills up quickly
• Not suitable for clay grounds


3. Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Cat Litter and Pet Waste Disposal System, Taupe

The Litter Champ is a revolutionary pet waste disposal utility that utilizes a continuous bagging system. This unique triple sealing disposal system and safety door mounted cutter provide odor free and convenient waste disposal. Hands-free operating foot pedal opening. Bag liners provide approximately a 2-3 month supply per pet litter.

Litter Champ comes with 1 pre-installed biodegradable bag liner pre for immediate use. There are no assembly necessary or batteries required. Included is a refill roll that will last for several months plus a Litter Champ magnetic scoop that attaches easily on the side of the Litter Champ for easy access. It features child-proof locks for added safety.

Dog Poop Compost Bins


• No assembly or batteries required
• 4 Gallon capacity
• Elegant design
• Includes free bag liner and litter scoop
• 5 Year manufacturer warranty


• Liner runs out without warning
• Not very user-friendly when you dump litter


4. Behrens Manufacturing 6210 Galvanized Steel Trash Can, 10 gal

The Behrens is ideal for a variety of storage applications like pet food, yard waste, birdseed and even pet waste. It is manufactured to withstand to absorb any foul odors. Features include galvanized steel for longevity and its heat and fire resistant plus its home made.

Dog Poop Compost Bins


• Made in the USA
• Rust/Heat and Fire resistant
• Both food and litter storage can
• Will not crack like plastic


• Use for dry storage only


5. Dog Waste Station – Everything Included – FREE 400 waste bags and 50 can liners

Whether you’re taking your pet to the dog park or your kids to the playground for an afternoon of family fun, you expect a clean and safe environment. By purchasing a pet station, you can make it convenient for pet lovers to do their part by providing them with a convenient way to dispose of their pet’s waste. The Green Pet Waste Station by American Dog Waste Products is providing you with a lightweight and simple solution for the disposal of dog waste.

When people are strolling or jogging with their dogs in your recreational facility or the nearby surroundings, their pets will eventually have to need to discard. Should this happen, it is necessary that they have a way of properly getting rid of their dog’s poop. Not all of them will carry a bag with them when this happens. The pet station makes it easy for them to help facilitate in this matter.

Include with the Pet Waste Disposal Station you’ll also receive a bag and bag dispenser. With it comes a trash container and mounting post so it can be easily installed in the appropriate place. This Dog Waste Station is the perfect pet station for all playgrounds and parks.

It’s designed so that they are highly visible to the pet owners and their purpose is unmistakable. These stations come with an on- or off-leash sign option. The eye-catching white and green sign is situated at the top of the station which will easily capture dog lovers’ attention from a distance. A pet waste station makes it easy for parents to set a good example for their kids by always cleaning up after their dogs and properly disposing of the waste.

Dog Poop Compost Bins


• Made from High grade aluminum
• Included: Sign, locking dispenser, waste can with lid and post
• Free 400 dog waste bags and 50 can liners


• Expensive


These Dog Poop Compost Bins we’ve reviewed above is perfect for backyards and gardens while it will eventually compost your pet’s droppings fast which can then later be used is a free organic fertilizer to enrich your soil and encourage plant growth.