Best 60 Gallon Spin Bin Composter Review 2017

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A Spin Bin Composter is a great way to compost organic waste in big volumes. These organic materials can then help you grow exotic flower beddings, mouthwatering vegetables, and healthy strong trees. Compost is known to gardeners as “black gold” because it is so valuable for growing plants. Using homemade compost in your garden or lawn can help reduce the cost to buy chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Capacity of the Spin Bin Composter

The Spin Bin Composter has an extra large 60 gallon capacity making it the perfect size for most homeowners who like to spend time composting. The rotating composter is molded in the USA with 100 percent recycled plastic. The recycled plastic plus Holen Sie sich mehr Infos combined with the dark color absorbs light extremely fast, heating up the contents of the bin to accelerate the composting process.


Ease of Use

Extra wide locking lids on both sides of the bin make adding materials easy, no matter which side of the spin bin is on top. For superior aeration, the tumbler has 20 ventilation slots compared to other compost tumblers. These ventilation slots also act as additional drainage holes to caught dripping compost tea that can also be used for fertilizer for plant beddings.

In addition and Along with the ventilation slots, the spin bin composter also comes with four compost thermometer ports (one on each panel), making it easy and mess free to monitor the composting process.



The rotating compost bin sits securely on a 1 inch thick; powder-coated steel frame legs that are made to last outside through the toughest weather conditions. These steel framed legs lock together when assembling the composter, making it easy to move around to your desired location in the backyard. With all the safety features like locking lids and the above ground actuation pets and unwanted animals won’t be getting into the compost barrel.
Spin Bin ComposterSpin Bin Composter

Spin Bin Features:

• Manufactured with 100 percent recycled plastic.
• 60 Gallons capacity
• Sturdy build with1 inch thick, powder coated steel legs
• 20 ventilation / drainage slots
• 4 compost thermometer ports
•Dual side locking lids
• Easy to assemble
• composting instructions embossed on both lids
• Ribbed interior design
• above ground, the design keeps animal pests away.
• 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
• Dark color tumbler for quicker composting.



• No wheels for better moveability
• Can be heavy when fully loaded



The vertical shape of the Spin Bin composter tends to hold more compost at a time than the flatbed styled bins. Compared to other tumblers in the same price range, the Spin Bin has one of the largest capacities. This allows you to make more compost especially when you have a larger than average garden to fertilize. For those who need a composter but don’t have the available space these Countertop Composters we’ve reviewed will not only look beautiful on your countertop but will work just as well but only in a smaller capacity.