Top 8: Best Stylish Countertop Composters Review 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the Best Stylish Countertop Composters but feeling lost in direction? Composting is an excellent way to reduce once carbon footprint while creating free fertilizer to help your garden flourish. In my experience, it also decreases foul kitchen odor from food scrap in the trash can while also reducing a large amount of waste, especially if you combine it with recycling.

Waste Disposal Reviews has researched the best Kitchen Countertop Composters so you can feel excited with your purchase and get to composting sooner than later! Be ready to throw your food scraps into one of these Stylish Countertop Compost Bins while looking like an expert gardener.


Why Use a Countertop Composter for Your Compost?

•They add a tasteful touch to your kitchen environment.
•They make it simple for you to do something useful for nature and help diminish your carbon footprints. Making strides toward environmental friendliness can gradually have a positive effect. Did you realize that as much as 30% of family waste fills up the earth’s landscapes? Think about all the additional room we would have in our landfills if each family began composting.
•They bring you closer to compost for your garden. There is no clarification required here…we’ll simply rehash a single word – FREE.

Best Budget Countertop Composter


13: Things to Consider Before You Buy Countertop Composters

1. Appearance

This is a major issue, in the event that you intend to keep your bucket on your kitchen countertop or somewhere in plain sight. Assuming this is the case, you’ll need to attempt and match it to your kitchen’s style or decor.


2. Limit

You’ll need to make sense of how much compostable waste your family unit creates once a day. For example, if your family unit creates a large portion of scraps every day, you’ll need composter bin which can handle 1-2 gallons of waste at a time. In case you don’t know how much compostable waste your family unit creates, we propose you track it for possibly 7 – 14 days before making that final decision.

Note – According to a 2004 Waste Management Industry Survey, the normal American family unit produces roughly 500lbs of kitchen squanders every year.

Note: The best unit we’ve discovered so far considering Quality, Price, Appearance, and Functionality is the Premium Quality Compost Bin from Utopia which you can check out down below.


3. Cleanability

It’s a reality – No matter how hard you try to keep your fertilizer bucket clean, it will, in the long run, get dirty. When it does, you need to ensure it’s anything but difficult to clean. 90 Degree edge bins are overall harder to clean than round shaped bins. Rather, search for compartments that have smooth, adjusted edges. Most compost bins are dishwashing safe so this will make life easier in the cleaning process.


4. Weight

What amount does your compartment weigh? Also, keep in mind that you will be adding a considerable amount of waste to this bin and it will get heavier.


5. Handle

Does your compartment have a handle? This is tied into our last point. It’s substantially simpler to carry a full holder by a handle than it is to convey it without one. Likewise, ensure the handle is safely strengthened and joins well to the bucket itself. The exact opposite thing you need is to spill a cluster of fractional decayed sustenance scraps everywhere on your floor.


6. Top

Does your holder have a tight-fitting lid? If not, you may have some scent issues. There have additionally been records of the baggy covers permitting organic product flies to get into your compartment. In case you’re anything like us, you’d jump at the chance to stay away from those little buggers in your home.


7. Channel

Most models now contain some kind of channel. These are typically recently straightforward carbon/charcoal channels, yet they do eliminate any undesirable scents.


8. Ventilation

This criteria is normally met by the channel, be that as it may, we needed to rehash it. Maintain a strategic distance from units that are 100% fixed. In the event that no air is permitted to enter your composting bin, chances are that you’ll pick up some awful smell around the kitchen.
In the event that your holder doesn’t have a channel, please make sure it has some kind of ventilation for air flow.


9. Size of Opening

This is something you don’t consider until after you’ve purchased your Countertop Composter. How big is the opening? Would you be able to hold an extensive plate over the opening, and not need to stress over spilling waste scraps all over the place? The bigger the opening the better.


10. Synthesis

What’s your holder made of? There are a few sorts of materials to look over, including plastic, stainless steel, earthenware, and even bamboo. A few people get a kick out of the chance to stay with the eco-accommodating subject of treating the soil by acquiring a bucket that is additionally produced using reused, or inexhaustible, materials.


11. Hanging Capability

A few manufacturers offer the choice of hanging their holders on cabinet dividers or over the highest point of organizer entryways. We don’t figure you should give these criteria a chance to represent the deciding moment your choice.

As we said before, kitchen squanders can weigh a great deal but if you don’t care for the possibility of all that weight dangling from your organizer divider. There is a small possibility that the overall weight will weigh excessively, fall, and tear a lump out of our organizer dividers. In any case, the models that hang straightforwardly finished your pantry entryway decrease the probability of the above situation from occurring.


12. Support

Imagine a scenario in which you have an inquiry concerning your Countertop Composter, would you be able to call the manufacturer for assistance. Does your fertilizer container accompany offers directional manuals? Most do. If not, simply ask. They should generally offer some sort of assistance.


13. Cost

To wrap things up, you should consider the cost of your compost bin. This is an individual choice, so everything we’ve provided above should a line with the cost of your newly purchased Countertop Composting Bin. Down below you’ll find 10 of the Best Stylish Countertop Composters for your Kitchen so you can immediately start composting food scraps.


1. Premium Quality Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1.3 Gallon, Includes Charcoal Filter – Utopia Kitchen

This Premium Quality Stainless Steel Compost Bin is not your ordinary eco-friendly plastic bin. This stylish stainless steel canister will further beautify your kitchen countertop. Utopia compost bin is specifically manufactured to compost all your kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings while looking beautiful on the kitchen counter or can be stored under the kitchen sink. With Utopia’s Compost Bin, you can proudly show off your newly purchased utility on your kitchen top.

Top 8: Best Stylish Countertop Composters Review 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Countertop Composters 2017


• This compost bin is manufactured with high-quality grade 201 stainless steel for optimal longevity and durability that won’t scratch, crack or chip
• Won’t attract bad smells, pests or flies in your home
• The charcoal filters trap and control odors naturally
• Sturdy, stylish and sleek design
• Complements any kitchen décor while showcasing on the kitchen top
• Easy to clean with reusable charcoal


2. LINKYO Compost Bin – 4 Filters Stainless Steel Kitchen Composter (1 Gallon)

Linkyo’s Compost Bins is the perfect solution to your problems for collecting and keeping kitchen vegetable and fruit scraps. Included in this odor free compost bin are 4 filters to help neutralize foul odors in your working area.

The stainless steel composter with its attractive and classic design will not house bacteria or unhealthy chemicals like plastic and wooden containers do before the content is transferred outside to recycle and compost into fertilizer that keeps your garden healthy and blooming. Why would anyone want to suffer from an ugly unappealing compost bin? You’ll find no reason to hide the Linkyo Compost Bin under the kitchen sink or the closet.

Countertop Composters

Countertop Composters


• Odor Free Compost Bin
• Includes 4 naturalizing odor filter (enough for up to 12 Months Composting)
• Manufactured with high-grade stainless steel
• Rust & Stain Resistant
• 100% Quality Guarantee
• Saves several days’ worth of organic waste
• Stylish and streamlined design


3. OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin, White

Like most kitchen utilities that need a place to be stored so does kitchen waste! The OXO Good Grips is solely designed to quickly dispose of vegetable and fruit peels while looking attractive on the countertop. The smooth operation of the flip-up lip can be easily operated with one hand while the interior walls prevent food and liquid build up. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean emptying is made simple.
Countertop Composters

Countertop Composters


• Perfect size with smooth design to display on your countertop
• Lid lock in odors
• Smooth interior walls prevent foods and liquids from building up
• Removable lid makes emptying simple


4. Misc Home Indoor Kitchen Non-Stick Stainless Steel Compost Bin, 1.2 Gallon Container with Double Charcoal Filter – White

This Non-Stick Stainless Steel Compost Bin has a beautiful sleek design and is specifically made to store kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings before emptying it as fertilizer in your garden. It’s perfect for kitchen top placement and under sink storage.

Excellent Design

Finished in a sleek white body with airtight polished stainless steel lid, this compost bin will make a great addition to your modern day kitchen environment.
The lid comes equipped with an activated carbon filter which will absorb and detain any foul odors, making the Misc Indoor Stainless Steel Compost Bin the best alternative than an ordinary plastic compost bin. With a large capacity of 1.2 gallons, you can easily store fruit and vegetable peelings along with shredded paper clippings for decomposing.

Countertop Composters

Countertop Composters


• Robust and durable design
• Perfect for storing food waste to decompose as fertilizer for your garden.
• Two activated charcoal odor absorbing filters is included (1 filter can last up to 6 months)
• Easy to clean
• High-quality elegant look that fits any kitchen decor
• 100% Quality and satisfaction guaranteed


5. Oversized 1.3 Gallon Kitchen Compost Bin with Plastic Liner & Charcoal Filters In White/Black – Sturdy Construction & Odor-Free Seal To Prevent Bugs And Smell. Dishwasher Safe with No Assembly

Who doesn’t love gardening? And with this Oversized 1.3 Gallon Kitchen Compost Bin gardening just became much more pleasant. Producing high-quality soil has become easier, simply put your kitchen food waste into the bin, wait a few hours and whola you’ve just produced the best nutrients for your garden soil and best of all you didn’t have to spend a single penny.

Yes along with the bin you’ll receive a plastic liner for easy emptying of content and it makes it much easier to clean. Both inner and outer buckets come with handles for carrying which makes it so much more convenient than your ordinary bin. The lid has a tight seal preventing the odor from escaping into thin air while the charcoal filters trap odors inside. This is oversized compost bin so it might take up more space on your kitchen top but then there’s no need for frequent emptying of content.
Countertop Composters

Best Countertop Composters


• 2 Odor blocking charcoal filters
• Easy to assemble and easy to clean
• Large convenient size
• Dishwashing safe
• 45 Day money back guarantee


6. Vremi Kitchen Compost Bin for Counter or Under Sink – 1.2 Gallon Small Metal Indoor Home Apartment Eco Compost Pail for Biodegradable Organic Food Waste with Charcoal Filter – Stainless Steel – Red

Quickly and effortlessly turn your food waste peels into the soil with the Vremi Counter or Under Sink Compost Bin. Vremi kitchen compost bins feature an integrated activated charcoal filter that’s located in its fitted, vented lid, designed to trap foul smells from indoor food waste naturally and effectively.

This charcoal filter is reusable, last up to 6 continuous months and can be hand washed with soap and water. Included in your purchase of the Vremi home compost bin is an extra charcoal filter for an extended eco-friendly experience.

The outer body of the countertop compost bin is sturdy and manufactured with a rust-resistant stainless steel cover, designed to prevent leaks and protect against all sorts of malicious bacteria. The bucket holds a 1.2-gallon capacity which is more than enough to keep one week’s organic food waste. The Vremi is not just gorgeous and practical, but it adds a decorative touch on your kitchen corner top while silently working in the background.

Countertop Composters

Countertop Composters


• Perfect size countertop composter even for under sink
• Included is an organic activated charcoal filter to trap odors naturally
• Leak proof stainless steel casing
• 1.2 Gallon capacity easily fits 1 week of waste
• Easy to clean and dishwashing safe


7. Sorbus® Stainless Steel 1 Gallon Compost Bin

At number 7 on our list of Best, Stylish Countertop Composters is the 1 Gallon Compost Bin from Sorbus. This kitchen composter turns food waste into your own organic fertilizer. This decorative, odorless, 1-gallon compost bin easily fits several days’ worth of vegetable and fruit scraps which can then be used as fertilizer for your garden and crops.

Unlike plastic composters and those without lids, the Sorbus is made from Stainless Steel to contain bacteria growth and eliminate odor spread. Included is a replaceable charcoal liner that acts as a natural filter for odors. Due to the high-quality stainless steel housing, the bin is guaranteed not to rust, scratch, or chip. The handle makes it easy for portability and measures approximately 7.16” diameter and 11” height.

Countertop Composters

Countertop Composters


• Saves several days worth of food scraps for decomposing
• Stainless Steel Design and fits most kitchen countertops
• Bin won’t rust, scratch or chip and can be easily cleaned
• Includes replaceable charcoal liner
• Holds 1 gallon of compost
• Measures approximately 7.16” diameter and 11” height


8. Full Circle Scrap Happy Food Scrap Collector and Freezer Compost Bin, Green

Looking for a food scrap collector that can easily fit in your freezer? Then the Full Circle Scrap Happy Scrap Food Collector is the perfect composter to display on your counter top or hide away in your freezer. The food scrap collector is easy to clean perfect for small apartments and in addition, can be stored in the freezer without mess or smell.
Countertop Composters

Countertop Composters


• Wire rim attaches to drawer to easily scoop scraps off your counter or cutting board
• Easy to empty, simply invert and press on bottom
• Dish washer and freezer safe


Gardening can be one of the best ralaxation techniques but without the proper tools and supplies it can quickly become your worst nightmare. Our previously reviewed tools like these Outdoor Trash Receptacles with Locking Lids and Wheels and these Dog Poop Compost Bins should make gardening pleasurable.


Final Thoughts

Compost is disintegrated natural materials, this includes but not limited to: leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen waste. It gives precious fundamental supplements for plant development and there for can be used as fertilizer. Fertilizer additionally enhances soil structure with the goal that dirt can without much of a stretch hold the right measure of dampness, supplements, and air. It enhances the surface of both dirt soils and sandy soils, making either sort rich, dampness retentive, and loamy.

It is one of nature’s best mulches and soil corrections options. Most plant specialists know the benefits of this rich, dull, hearty material in enhancing the dirt and making an energizing domain for plants. Seeing how to make and utilize compost is in people in general enthusiasm, as the issue of waste deposits keeps on developing.


A couple of the many advantages of fertilizer are:

•Reduction in waste volume.
• Rich, characteristic manure reduces utilization of concoction composts.
•Improves soil air circulation and seepage.
•Helps control weeds.
•Decreases the requirement for exorbitant watering.


The accompanying tips are from the Waterway Attendants, and for more data on building your own composter, go to


•As soon as deterioration starts, the volume of the heap will diminish. Try not to be enticed to include more materials now, as this resets the clock on that group.
•You will expand your fertilizing the soil endeavors in the event that you circulate air through by turning or blending the pile about once every week.
•Finished compost is typically not as much as a large portion of the volume of the materials you began with, yet it’s substantially denser. At the point when completed, it should look, feel and possess an aroma similar to rich, dull soil. Try not to have the capacity to perceive any of the things you initially set in the heap.


Some regular issues to look for are:

•If the fertilizer is excessively wet, turn it all the more often times or include dry darker material.
•If the heap doesn’t warm up, add more green material to the manure; may need to include water; may need to circulate air through.
•If there is an alkali or spoiled egg notice, turn the fertilizer or add dark colored material to dry it out.
•If a lot of dropped apples or kitchen scraps pull in wasps or other unwelcome irritations, turn all the more often times.


Useful Tips for a Batch of Fertilizer:

•Mix compost into the dirt to enhance it.
•Spread compost on a garden to fill in low spots.
•Use as mulch for arranging and planting.
•Mix compost into pruned plants.


Scratch materials for fertilizing the soil are nitrogen-rich “greens” and carbon-rich “tans,” water, and air. Cases of greens are green leaves, espresso beans/channels, and tea packs, plant trimming, foods grown from the ground scraps, eggshells, and new grass clippings. Cases of tans are dead plants, sawdust from untreated timber, twigs, and dried grasses, weeds, straw and clear out. Water enables organisms in your fertilizer to develop and help deteriorate material. The compost ought to be soggy. Air helps in disintegration and controls scent. A decent formula is one section green to four sections dark colored.


A few things not to compost are:

•Meat, fish, and fats — these materials may draw undesirable guests to your compost heap.
•Shredded daily papers or office paper — the paper may contain chemicals that are bad for your fertilizer. Reuse them.
•Ashes from your barbecue — Wood fiery debris can be exceptionally helpful in little amounts, yet BBQ flame broil slag should never go into your manure heap.
•Dog and feline dung — these materials can add infections to your compost, and they have an obnoxious smell. Utilize chicken, stallion, dairy animals, and rabbit compost.
•Sawdust from treated wood — Now and then timber is treated with harmful chemicals.


With a little bit of time, effort and one of these Countertop Composters mentioned above you’ll positively contribute to your communities waste disposal problem and at the same time enhancing and improving the health of your garden.