A Simple Guide for Choosing the Best Patio Trash Can

Your choice and placement of a Patio Trash Can and recycling receptacles will go a long way toward ensuring that visitors and employees take tillväxthormon köpa full advantage of them in the best possible way, keeping your outdoor areas free of rubbish and odors. The following tips can help you determine the best trash containers and best placement for you and your client’s needs.


Choose the Best Possible Material

The best waste bin for any home or outside location is determined but not limited in large part by the material it is manufactured of. Waste bins and Recycling Containers come in a variety of materials to withstand different degrees of use, including:

• Steel and stainless steel
• Wood
• Plastic
• Concrete

Wood and concrete trash cans, often with decorative elements, are perfect for outdoor spaces while plastic and stainless steel trash cans are elegant and durable for indoor spaces like the kitchen or office area. Concrete containers are also perfect for parks where there is a higher risk of theft and stronger weather elements.

Size According to Location and Use

When choosing a waste bin for your office, home or entertainment area it’s important to determine what shape, size and color will fit both space and your waste requirements. Small wastebaskets will come handy for bathroom areas or under your office desk. While medium-sized trash cans — preferably with attached lids to keep odors under control — are best for spaces such as canteens and kitchen areas. Industrial spaces such as parks and walkways or outdoor locations such as backyards usually require larger trash cans to accommodate higher foot traffic and larger disposable items.


Color Coding for Recycling

Color coding your waste containers is a simple and effective way to encourage employees and visitors to dispose of their unwanted waste in a proper manner. While blue is the standard color- for recycling, the option to implement other colors is ultimately up to you. For example, using green waste bins for plastic, silver for cans, white for paper, etc.

Best Placement for Visibility

Finally, placement plays an important role in the visibility of bins. You want to place specific bins in a specific location. You don’t want to place a large bin where there is few to less foot traffic. The more foot traffic the larger the bin the cleaner that area will stay. Here are a few handy tips:

Large sturdy trash cans just outside doors allow people to dispose waste before entering a building
• Lidded bins placed next to tables or benches in indoor and outdoor spaces like restaurants make leftover food disposal easy
• Outdoor ashtrays are best positioned just outside of rear or side doors or in any smoke room area
• A variety of waste bins for recycling, waste food, and trash is perfect for indoor and outdoor traffic areas such as kitchens and patios.


Patio Trash Cans come in wide variety of sizes, colors and materials to choose from but with a little advance planning, you can easily pick the perfect bin to help customers do the responsible thing. Disposing of waste in a bin where it belongs.


1. Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway

The Suncast is a beautiful Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway which is perfect for outdoor spaces such as patios and walkways. The water-resistant design comes with a latching lid to keep waste in and pets out. This stylish yet functional waste bin will hold up 30-33 gallons of waste at a single time so it is perfect for large areas that quickly accumulate trash. This is the best-styled patio trash can which already made hundreds of clients happy.


Best Patio Trash Can ReviewPatio Trash Can


• Uses standard 30 to 33-gallon garbage bags
• Latching lid with solid bottom panel keeps your garbage in
• Weather-resistant design
• Long-lasting resin construction
• Easy tool-free assembly


2. Safco Products 9476BL Canmeleon Recessed Panel Waste Receptacle, Side Open, 38-Gallon, Black

The Canmeleon Recessed Panel Waste Receptacle is designed for heavy traffic areas will blend in with any environment. This receptacle is manufactured with high-density polyethylene with built-in UV inhibitors. The Canmeleon is a combination of waste can and cigarette urn so it‘s also fitting for smoking areas and public spaces where smoking is allowed. No need for assembly because it comes ready to use out of the box. The panel patio trash can is easily adaptable for anchoring or weighting devices for it won’t tilt or fall during strong winds.


Patio Trash Can
 Patio Trash Can



• Canmeleon is designed for indoor or outdoor use
• Fluted panel design with side openings 13″W x 6″H
• Durable high-density polyethylene with built-in UV inhibitors
• This trash container can be fastened to the pavement or walkway to prevent vandalism
• Both cigarette urn and waste receptacle


3. Safco Products 9474BL Canmeleon Recessed Panel Waste Receptacle, Ash Urn, Side Open, 15-Gallon, Black

Safco products encourage waste management and ultimately work-life efficiency. Their products like the 9474BL Canmeleon Waste Receptacle can be used in schools, universities, hospitals, and clinics. It is also appropriate for small offices, parks, businesses and large institutions where a lot of waste can accumulate at a tremendous pace. Like the above mentioned 9476BL outdoor receptacle the 9474BL has got all the features from the above-mentioned product but the only difference is it can only keep up to 15 gallons of waste.

Patio Trash Can
 Patio Trash Can



• 15-Gallon square waste receptacle
• Both for indoor or outdoor use
• Fluted panel design with side openings 9 1/2″W x 4 1/2″H
• Stainless steel ash urn (no sand required)
• Telescoping base hides standard 32″ x 44″ trash bags (not included), bottom is recessed 1″ to provide air circulation in the event of fire
• Manufactured with high-density polyethylene
• Built-in UV inhibitors


4. Rubbermaid Commercial FG356988BLA Square 23-Gallon Untouchable Trash Can, Black

The Rubbermaid Commercial Untouchable Trash Can feature a sleek square design for both indoor and outdoor use. The liner cinch allows for bag retention and eliminates knot tying. This waste bin is strong, durable and won’t crack in warm weather. This sturdy wastebasket can hold up to 23 gallons of waste and will last for years of regular use. There are even 4 different colors to choose from: black, beige, brown or gray. The Untouchable is a simply designed waste bin yet it’s strong but expensive.


Patio Trash Can
 Patio Trash Can



• Space-efficient design
• Injection molded, LLDPE garbage can
• Compatible with swing and funnel top lids
• Resists dents, cracks, punctures, and ultraviolet rays


5. Keter Pacific 30 Gal. Outdoor Resin Wicker Waste Basket Trash Can with Liner

With 30 gallons of space, the Keter Pacific Outdoor Resin Wicker is an excellent addition to your patio trash can collection. The wicker ensures that you don’t need to constantly check when it’s full. The crafted ratten look makes this dog proof trash can a waste bin to show off to your friends. It’s constructed with an open metal hinged lid that grants easy access while the full-size extra-large opening provides quick lifting out of trash. Included with the 30 Gallon Waste Basket is a sturdy plastic liner that makes trash removal quick, easy and clean. The sleek, contemporary design is pleasing on the eyes, while it hassles free assembling instructions allows for immediate use. It’s also practical maintenance free.


Patio Trash Can
 Patio Trash Can



• Removable liner for easy cleaning and removing of trash
• Includes bag tightening hole
• Weather-resistant
• Attractive wicker design fits any indoor or outdoor settings
• Metal hinged lid for easy access


6. Suncast BMWC3007 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway, 30 gallons, Java

Suncast take pride in every creation they produce. The Suncast BMWC3007 30 Gallon Resin Wicker Trash Can is one of those stylish and durable home waste management creations. Manufactured from blow-molded resin, this waste bin withstands both indoor as well as outdoor use. Included is a removable lid with an integrated handle making it easily removable. The large capacity outdoor and indoor waste bin uses a standard 30 Gal. capacity trash bag. Consist of a stay dry design so you don’t have to worry about your trash can filling with water when left outside in the raining weather. This is a perfect looking icker trash can and will complement both your home and patio.


Patio Trash CanPatio Trash Can


• Durable blow molded resin construction
• Removable lid with integrated handle
• Uses standard 30 Gal. garbage bags
• Looks great on deck or patio
• Stay dry design


7. Keter Copenhagen 30-Gallon Wood Style Plastic Trash Bin Can, Brown

With a beautiful sleek design, compact frame, and sturdy build quality, this Keter Copenhagen style patio trash can is a stylish addition to any backyard or patio. The designer wood look finish of this wastebasket makes this trash receptacle a waste bin like no other. The sleek espresso finish gives the Keter a gorgeous, professional appearance. Easily lift the stylish metal handle to dispose of your trash, and then quickly remove the trash through the large, full-sized opening. This outdoor wastebasket might look small, but it can easily fit 30 gallons of unwanted waste.


Removable Liner

The removable liner lets you easily take out the trash, replace the trash bag and clean the inside without problems.


Metal Handle & Hinges

The metal handle and hinges add a touch of sophistication but are also durable and user-friendly.


Removable Rim

The innovative removable rim keeps the garbage bag secure so you don’t need to deal with the unnecessary spill of trash.


Patio Trash Can
 Patio Trash Can



• Uses 30-39 gallon trash bags
• Plastic removable rim to secure trash bag
• Extra-large opening for easy lifting out full trash bags
• Sleek elegant metal handle and metal hinged lid
• Attractive brown wood design
• Both indoor and outdoor use


8. Crosley Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Trash Bin, Brown

You will love your daily clean up with the Crosley’s outdoor wicker trash bin. It’s constructed of impeccable, durable steel frame, to withstand the toughest weather conditions. It comes with a built-in bag holder making removing of trash a breeze of fresh air.


Patio Trash Can
 Patio Trash Can



• UV Resistant Outdoor Patio Trash Can
• Durable Steel Frame
• Removable Lid
• Interior Frame Holds Garbage Bag in Place


Final Thoughts!

Cleaning up our streets and parks begin with us and only one Patio Trash Can. In today’s uncertain world where recycling has become an important factor to secure the health of our planet and for those who come after us, being able to reduce this kind of litter can make such a huge difference. By providing a waste bin and ash receptacle outside businesses, backyards, patios and public places we can help nations to keep our streets, home environment and parks clean, thus ensuring a healthier and safer planet for all of us!