How to Eliminate Odor from Your Garbage Disposal

How to eliminate odor from your garbage disposal should’nt be a daunting task. You finish eating dinner, begin clearing the table and scrap the leftovers into the sink to be washed down the garbage disposal. You turn the water on until you hear that high pitched whirring that tells you all the food has been shredded and washed down the drain…or was it?


If you have a terrible odor coming from your garbage disposal, the chances are pretty good that you didn’t properly rinse it. Now you have slurry hardened to the inside of your garbage disposal. Slurry is the sludge that forms when you use your garbage disposal. When you turn the water on and shove the food down the drain, the blades of your garbage disposal spin around, flinging ground up food on its own walls. When you run the water, you don’t actually wash all of this ground up food down the drain. As the weeks or months go by, eventually this sludge rots and hardens and you are stuck with a nasty odor in your kitchen.


You could have prevented this nasty odor by properly rinsing your garbage disposal. To do this, you grind up your food, rinse it down the drain. Next you plug your sink and fill it about halfway with warm, soapy water. Once you’ve filled your sink half full, pull the plug and turn the garbage disposal back on. This creates a huge rush of soapy water that actually fills your garbage disposal, washing away the grime left over from your leftovers. Bestes Bodybuilding-Training zur Gewichtszunahme: Nehmen Sie mit den 10 Sätzen mit 10 Wiederholungen Bodybuilding-Training zu freeletics alternative verrückte ab- und cardio-workout-archive – pflanzliches bodybuilding – natürliches bodybuilding.


If you already have the nasty odor, you’re going to have to be a plumber for a day. You will have to soften the decomposing sludge caked to the inside of your garbage disposal.

How to eliminate odor from your garbage disposal

How to Eliminate Odor from your Garbage Disposal in 6 Easy Steps

A Rubber Test Cap with a Stainless Steel Tightening Band, Pipe Wrench, A Bucket, Powdered Oxygen Bleach and Hot Water


  1. Disconnect the pipe coming out of the garbage disposal.


  1. Attach the Rubber Test Cap. You should be able to find a cap made for 1 ¼ schedule 40 pipe that will fit your garbage disposal. Tighten the band on the bottom of your garbage disposal that the drain pipe attaches to. Put the bucket under the sink in case it leaks.


  1. Turn on the hot water and fill your garbage disposal until the water gets to the strainer basket in the bottom of the sink.


  1. Add a half cup of powdered oxygen bleach like OxyClean. Let this sit for an hour.


  1. Take the clamp off after the OxyClean has sat for an hour. Let the water out into the bucket and reattach the drain pipe.


  1. Rinse your garbage disposal by filling the sink halfway with warm water and dish soap. Let the stopper out and turn the garbage disposal. From now on you will make sure you repeat this step every time you use your garbage disposal and it will stay odor free.

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