1. Questions and Answers about Your Food Waste Disposer You Should Know

  • How do I Replace a Garbage Disposal?

Food Waste Disposer

Replacing a food waste disposer is quite a simple task. You don’t need any additional support, if you know how to carry out this task effectively. First turn off the power switch and then remove the drain tube and arm. You can loosen the spring clamps by using the pliers. Twist off the mounting nut to take out the old garbage disposal unit. Turn it upside-down to eliminate the electric connections. Now fix the mounting ring on its place. There will be three screws, which you can use to loosen and attach the mounting ring.


Now get the new garbage disposal and turn it upside down. You can use a hammer with a screwdriver to take out the knock out plug. You should also shake the disposal unit to remove anything that is remaining inside it. Now, you will have to connect the electric supply and then tighten the sleeves effectively. Carefully connect the electric wires and then install the new garbage disposal in its place. Connect the drain pipe and tube and you are done. Carefully check that mounting nut is tight and the disposal unit is perfectly aligned or not.

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  • What can I do if my Garbage Disposal is working but is very loud?

Many people have reported about the humming or buzzing sound created by the disposal unit. It receives power and works, but it creates too much noise. It happens mainly because of jamming. When a disposal unit receives power, but do not spin properly, it is getting jammed due to the stuffs stuck inside the disposal unit. It is quite simple to fix this problem and you don’t need to call a garbage disposal expert. The problem can get fixed by getting under the sink and finding the hex head wrench tool.


Find the hex head wrench tool and get it inside the hole, which is situated at the bottom of the disposal unit. Now move it back and ahead time and again. This will help you in removing the clutter and fixing the flywheel jam problem. The flywheel will spin freely after applying this fix. The hole, which we are discussing, is located on the bottom of the disposal unit. Do not consider it the sink hole. You will have to remove the stuck clutter of fiber and other material so that sink disposal unit can work silently.


  • My Garbage Disposal is making a gurgling sound when it is off?

Many people have experienced this that their food waste disposal unit makes some weird noises, when it is off. People don’t find it feasible because the disposal unit is turned off. Of course, the garbage disposal creates noises, when you turn it on and dispose the waste. This disposal unit is used to dispose the kitchen waste and throw it out through the drains.


The garbage disposal often gets clogged due to high fiber foodstuffs and other things. You can dispose the waste food and turn it off. You may think that whole waste food is thrown out through the drains, but that doesn’t happen.


The garbage disposal makes weird noises because of clogged food. The water also gets clogged inside the disposal, which gets removed slowly and therefore the gurgling noises occur. It is important to clean the garbage disposal unit time by time, so that no waste can get clogged in. Cleaning the garbage disposal is not a tough task. You can get some DIY ideas online and apply them to clean the disposal unit.


  • Do I need to replace the switch or part if the switch is hard to turn on?

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to deal with the electric switches. The food waste disposal unit also works by using the electric power that runs the garbage disposal motor. Many individuals have experienced that turning on and turning off that switch becomes a daunting task. The switch gets hard and it may not operate effectively. It is a clear indication that now you need a new switch. It can become defective or work occasionally. You may try to turn on the garbage disposal unit on a regular basis, but it doesn’t work because of that defective switch.


You should turn off the power supply and remove that switch to check the main issue. If the switch was installed several months or years ago, then replace it. It will not cost an expensive amount, but the problem will get solved. You can check the process of garbage disposal switch replacement online and try it to remove the old switch.


  • What do I need to do if I burn out the food waste disposer?

The garbage disposal is an essential part of modern kitchens. It helps you in removing the kitchen waste in the best possible way. Many people are using this equipment to flush the waste food and other sorts’ kitchen waste through the drains. The garbage disposal turns kitchen waste into small food particles that you can flush away through the drains.


The garbage disposal often gets clogged due to some sort of foreign contamination and also due to stuffing too much quantity of the waste. It gets jammed and the flywheel doesn’t spin at all.


The electric circuit breaks and the power supply get stopped due to this action and people presume that the motor has burnt. That may not be the case every time, when the garbage disposal unit doesn’t work. You should always check and find the root of the issue. You will have to remove the motor, if it has burnt due to jammed flywheel. You can check the DIY garbage disposal motor replacement process online and follow the tips to fix the issue.


  • How do I stop waste disposal?

Some may find it too difficult, but it is actually quite simple. People produce a large quantity of waste, which they throw in the garbage can and also around the fields. The garbage disposal has offered a wonderful way or removing kitchen waste through the drains. It doesn’t mean that you can now throw a large quantity of waste food through the drains.You should think about why the quantity of waste food is increasing.


This may be happening due to cooking extra food. You can ask the family members before cooking the lunch, breakfast and dinner and then prepare according to the number of individuals available to have the meal.


It is the best way of reducing the quantity of kitchen waste. Another thing you should try is buying the grains and other foodstuff in a bulk quantity. Thus, you will not need many carry bags and therefore there will be no more clutter and waste. You can buy equipments, instruments and other products with less packaging. It means a lot because there will be no mess of packaging in your house. You can stop waste disposal by applying such solutions.


  • What do I do if the reset button is stuck on the garbage disposal?

It is not a new or strange problem that occurs with the garbage disposal units. Garbage disposal is built to grind large food stuff into tiny food particles. It is an integral part of the modern kitchen. People often ignore the instructions or unknowingly insert products like jewelry, metal parts, corn husks, and potato peels into the garbage disposal. All of these products are very harmful for the garbage disposal units. These products get inside the garbage disposal and jam it. The disposal unit may work for a few days with humming sound and then it will get completely clogged. Consequently, the reset button will pop from the bottom to protect the motor.


The reset button is provided in the garbage disposal units to save the motor, when the disposal unit gets jammed. Of course, it works effectively. In case, the reset button is stuck on the garbage disposal, then you should clean the disposal unit effectively. Apply the DIY cleaning method to remove foreign elements and then turn on the cold water faucet and let the water flow inside the disposal unit. The motor will get cold and then you can push the reset button. If it is still not working, then wait for ten minutes and let the motor get cold. Try after ten minutes and the problem will get solved.


  • Do I have to clean my food waste disposer?

Garbage disposal is an equipment, which helps you in keeping your kitchen clean, odor free and clutter free. It is an electric powered device that grinds all sorts’ food stuff including grains and vegetables. Often, people presume that it is an electric device that doesn’t need any cleaning at all. Well, it is a wrong perception. Yes, you have to clean your garbage disposal unit on a regular basis. It is important to make sure that there is no waste food clogged inside the disposal. Cleaning is also necessary to remove the bad odor produced by the garbage disposal.


Different methods are applied to clean the garbage disposal unit. Removing odor from the garbage disposal is a very simple task. Get some hot water in a bucket with some lemon slices. Now, turn on the garbage disposal switch and flush hot water inside the disposal unit with lemon slices. Run it for a few minutes and it will get cleaned.


  1. Do and Don’ts that I should Know About Waste Disposal Units

There is no need to explain the benefits of a garbage disposal or waste food disposal unit, if you have installed it in your kitchen. This kitchen appliance reduces the effort required to dispose kitchen waste. You don’t need to store the waste food in your kitchen, which means there will be no cockroaches and other sorts’ bugs. It is a great appliance, but it can stop working if not maintained properly. So, check the Do’s and Don’ts to maintain the disposal unit properly for a long time.



  • You should keep the disposal unit clean. Cleaning it would be quite simple because all you have to do is pouring small dish soap, or a few lemon slices inside the garbage disposal unit and then turn it on. Run the disposal unit for one or two minutes and then pour hot water. It will get cleaned quickly and there will be no odor.


  • Use the garbage disposal unit on a daily basis to prevent occurrence of corrosion and rust. It is also necessary to make sure that all the components of the disposal unit are working smoothly.



  • Always grind the waste food with cold water. Cold water is suggested because it also helps you in removing oil or grease elements to get chopped and removed with waste food.


  • It is possible that you may need to throw large items like carrots, fruits and other things into the waste food disposal. Do not throw them without chopping. Cut a few slices of large items so that the grinder can grind them effectively before throwing into the drains.



  • Never throw waste food items like potato peels, corn husks and other fiber containing food stuff inside the garbage disposal unit. These items can jam the disposal unit and later the jamming can turn into a big issue.


  • Do not run the food waste disposer, if it is frequently making humming or buzzing sound. Something is clogging it, so remove that item and flush cold water. Now you can use it and there will be no humming sound.


  • Do not think that the motor has burnt, if the garbage disposal is not working. It is possible that the electric supply wires may have fault or there is an issue related to the reset button. Check everything carefully and decide what to do.



  • Do not ever dispose waste things like glass, metal, plastic and other inorganic materials.



This brings us to the end of our Q & A about garbage disposal units that you might be struggling. Ultimately the lifespan of your food disposal unit can be prolonged if you take great care of it like regular cleaning, listening for suspicious noises, and following the instruction manual that came with your food waste disposer.

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