Top 8: Best Skinny Garbage Cans for Tight Spaces Review 2017

A trash can is one of the most used objects in the kitchen but not many people pay much attention to the important role it plays in the kitchen area. Over the course of the century, trash cans have improved tremendously from the first introduction of hand lifted lid garbage naviger til dette websted cans to step trash cans, then came the touchless trash cans and even the latest technology, the voice-activated trash cans. But, what if you are limited on space within the kitchen, office or bathroom area then, one of these Skinny Garbage Cans should have the ability to fit those tight spaces that need some decorating even if it is a garbage can.

Like any type of trash can whether it is an outdoor waste bin, a touchless trash can or a step trash there are some important features to look at before making the final decision. Skinny Garbage Cans also falls into the same category with features that any homeowner should be aware of. While a narrow trash can’s main feature is for limited space but depending on the frequent use you should be prepared for regular emptying of this type of space-saving waste bins. Here at Waste Disposal Reviews, we are happy to share our finding of the Top 8: Best Skinny Trash Cans according to functionality, price, durability, and style.


1. Simplehuman Slim Plastic Step Trash Can, Black Plastic, 40 L / 10.6 Gal

You’ve obviously heard about Simplehuman’s impeccable products which has been a household name for centuries and trusted by thousands of homeowners. The Simplehuman Slim Plastic Trash Can which holds 40 L of waste has all the features you can expect from a good build product. This slim trash can is designed to fit tight spaces while the help keeps pets and children from getting into the bin. It also comes with patented Shox technology for a silent lid close so your partner could happily continue working in the next room. With the built-in wheels at the back of the can, mover ability has just become much more pleasant and this helps reducing scratches on the floor when it’s time to empty the bin.

The build quality of this product is sturdy, made from durable plastic and come in 4 different colors to choose from. A steel-accented pedal adds to the overall durability while complimenting the locking lid on the top front of the bin.


Top 8: Best Skinny Garbage Cans for Tight Spaces Review
 Skinny Garbage Cans



• Product dimensions : 19.2 x 10.2 x 25.2 inches
• Silent operating lid
• Space-saving shape
• Integrated Shox technology for silent close every time
• Built-in wheels
• 5-year manufacturers warranty


2. Fortune Candy Step Trash Can, Stainless Steel, Plastic Lid (8L)

Even though it is wise to regularly clean a trash can the Fortune Candy Step Trash Can don’t need regular cleaning. This is due to two main features: a removable inner bucket and dirt and anti-fingerprint design. This product comes with a rubber base for anti-slip function whenever you step on the pedal. Talk about the pedal, this is engineered to last over 3000 steps releasing your hands from across termination of germs. Moving the trash can from one place to another is made easy with the integrated carrying handle at the back of the bin.

Skinny Garbage Cans
Skinny Garbage Cans



• Strong Step-on Steel Pedal
• Anti-slippery base function
• Pedal is engineered last over 3000 steps
• Removable Inner Bucket cleaning.
• Dent-Proof Plastic Hinged Lid
• Perfect for Offices and Bathrooms wherever space is limited


3. NineStars DZT-50-6 The Original Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can, 13.2 Gal. / 50 L., Stainless Steel

Another great addition to our list of Best Skinny Garbage Cans is the affordable NineStars Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can with stainless steel body. This 13.2 Gallon waste bin is one of NineStars Touchless Trash Cans that seals odors in and helps eliminate cross termination of germs. The bin is accompanied with a nonbase skid, removable ring liner and open and close button in case the touchless sensor is malfunctioning. The beautiful trash bin requires 4 D size batteries to operate and use standard fitted trash bags for easy removal of waste.

Skinny Garbage Cans
 Skinny Garbage Cans



• Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel
• Seals odor in and eliminates cross-contamination of germs
• Water-resistant infrared motion sensor
• Long lasting battery keeps battery life 20% longer
• requires four D size batteries
• Nonskid base, open/close button with soft close lid,
• Removable ring liner.
• Use standard fitted trash bags


4. Rubbermaid Slim Jim Waste Container, 87 L – Black

Looking for a no fuss, no gimmicks trash receptacle? Then the Rubbermaid Slim Jin Waste Container is the perfect slim waste bin for tight spaces. Rubbermaid’s Slim Jim is manufactured from low-density polyethylene that won’t crack, buckle and resist UV rays. Transportation is made easy through the molded handles that have been integrated on both sides of the bin.

Skinny Garbage CansSkinny Garbage Cans



• Dents, cracks and puncture resistant
• Fits tight spaces
• Molded-in handles and base grips enable easy transportation and emptying
• Easy to clean
• Measures 30″ x 20″ x 11-3/10″


5. United Solutions TI0032 Highboy Waste Container In Black, 33 Gallon, Slim Fit Wastebasket

United Solutions Highboy Waste Container is not only slim but can hold up to 33 gallon capacity of waste making it one of the tallest trash cans for limited space. This trash container provides enough storage space for waste so you don’t have to regularly empty the bin every few hours. The container also features dual pass-through handles for easy transporting and a bottom hand groove for easier lifting and pouring when emptying.


Skinny Garbage Cans
 Skinny Garbage Cans



• Hand Grip Includes Bag Cinch to Secure Liner in Place
• Hand Grips for Easy Lifting
• Dustpan Edge For quick and easy cleaning
• Easy Bag Removal
• Slim Design Fits Tight Spaces


6. Rubbermaid Home Slim Trash Can, 45-Quart

With Rubbermaid’s innovative home designed trash cans the Slim Jim 45-Quart should complement any kitchen design with its contemporary look. All round with design allows for hands-free operation using a step-on pedal. This contemporary design fits narrow passages while it’s durable and easy to clean.


Skinny Garbage Cans
 Skinny Garbage Cans



• The step-on feature allows for hands-free operation
• Contemporary design fits in narrow spaces
• Durable and easy to clean
• Lid can be taken off
• Made in the USA


7. Simplehuman Slim Step Can Brushed Stainless Steel 45 Liters / 12 Gallons


With a step-on trash can, there’s always the possibility that the pedal won’t last as long as you wanted but the SimpleHuman Brushed Stainless Steel step –on trash cans has proven to withstand over 150 000 steps which can be calculated at 20 steps per day for over 20 years. This slim shaped space-saving designed waste bin has patented Shox technology that controls the lid operation for a slow and silent close. And for easy cleaning purposes, this narrow trash can comes with finger proof and smudges free resisted finish.


Skinny Garbage Cans
 Skinny Garbage Cans



• Slim, space-saving shape designed
• Liner rim flips up for a quick and easy Liner change
• Strong steel pedal is engineered to last over 150.000 steps
• Patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close
• Fingerprint-proof finish


8. Simplehuman Slim Step Trash Can, Black Plastic, 10L / 2.6 Gal

Another great example of SimpleHuman’s innovative products is the 10 L Black Plastic Slim Trash Can. Made to fit tight spaces like office desks and even hidden compartments. This design is available in 3 colors to choose from. Ordinary grocery bags fit this bin perfectly so there’s no need to spend extra money on custom bags. The lid closes tightly so the foul odors stay inside this bin. Like all SimpleHuman’s Step Trash Can the pedal is strong enough to withstand thousands of steps and even though the pedal is not working the lid can be opened with your hands.


Skinny Garbage Cans
 Skinny Garbage Cans



• Great for tight spaces
• Strong steel pedal
• Stable operation for big can feel
• 5-year warranty
• Available custom fit liners for a perfect fit – Code R



Whatever the choice of Skinny Garbage Cans you choose from these bins reviewed above one thing you can be sure of, every trash can has something good to offer, whether it is easy to clean, or a long last step pedal, beautiful designed or affordable, this above list has it all.