How to Recycle Things At Home – Make Recycling a Family Project

It is said that your home is your first learning center! Be it building your character, learning to read or write, learning moral values, everything begins from home. We hear a lot of hush and bush about recycling things at larger levels. All such things fail if we do not learn to practice this important lesson at home. so why not begin to Recycle Things at Home?

The habit of recycling things can be inculcated in every individual by practicing small and simple steps like not wasting paper or reusing the poly-bags as many times as we can. Children can be taught all about recycling at the earliest possible stage of their life so that they grow up with that habit. Small and simple steps raised at home will become a mega leap towards the safety of our environment.


Here in this article, we are discussing a few such simple ways to learn the art of recycling.

Recycle Things At Home

Get your whole family involved in the recycling process. Educate your children how they could recycle their own old things. They could be told that left out papers of their old notebooks could be recycled into notepads or memo pads. Reducing the use of paper could reduce cutting of trees for making paper.


Similarly their old jeans can be turned into letter folders, fancy bags or even simple bag to hang your shoes on the wall. Milk cartons can be made into bird feeders, or box to keep your shoe polish and shoe brush, old cereal boxes could be turned into book cases …..the list is endless and depends on ones imagination and creativity.


You could allot separate bins for different things that can be recycled. Make it a creative project by making colored bins each with a different color and writing attractive recycling slogans on them. They could be kept in separate places at home. A bin to accumulate vegetable scrapings, fruit scrapings can be kept in the kitchen.


Children could be trained to regularly go and put it in a pit in your backyard. This can be covered and made into organic fertilizers for your plants. Such activities will excite your kids and encourage them towards recycling.


You could engage your children in recycling creative activities during their long vacations. If you are staying in an apartment, you can involve all children in the building in such activities. Children could be encouraged to make recycled products at their home and a small craft cum recycled items exhibition- cum-sale can be organized. This way, children would realize the attractive things that can be made out of waste at home. The funds generated could be used to organize a party for the children.


A good community service in recycling is the one in which you involve all the residents of your building to put all their wastes in separate bins, according to their type and ask a nearby recycling unit to come collect it periodically.


Make recycling a family project and allot duties to all the members of the family. This way all of them will feel proud to do their bit and will get involved in the process. Such common activity could help reinforce strong family ties too. It has been well said that a family that works together stays together.


Festivals like Christmas or New Year is the best time to recycle products. Allot fixed budgets to everyone in the family and encourage them to make gifts at home.


This gives togetherness and encourages creativity and innovative ideas. It also helps in adding that very special personal touch to the gifts.


Let us all do out little bit to conserve the resources of Mother Earth, which is being depleted of her resources. Our small efforts will go a long way in making big differences to Recycle Things at Home. Believe me!

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