How To Properly Dispose Of Diapers

For those of you who have a baby in the house, changing diapers is a daily chore. However, do you know how to dispose of these diapers properly? Due to the fact that disposable diapers accommodate human waste, they pose a high health hazard risk to the public at large. There are several aspects to be taken into consideration while throwing away diapers the proper way. In this article, we will discuss how you can discard diapers in a safe and proper way.

proper diaper disposal

How To Properly Dispose Of Diapers:

First off, you need to make sure that the feces are dumped into your toile before you dispose of the diaper. Fecal matter can be disposed of in the safest way when thrown into a septic system (private) or public sewage. This is because it gets processed effectively in such places without coming in contact with humans. But, in truth, most of us simply wrap up the diapers and then throw these diapers into the trash. Take a look at the following steps that you need to follow in order to dispose of diapers in a proper and safe manner:

Step No.1: Start suomi osta ihmisen kasvuhormonin hgh steroideja kauppa netistä drugs With Dumping The Diaper Contents Into Your Toilet

Almost all moms tend to skip this first step, but fecal matter should not technically be thrown anywhere other than sewage or septic systems as it leads to health hazards. Before you toss out the diaper, dump its contents into your toilet. All you have to do is shake the feces gently into your toilet and then flush it away.

Step No.2: Wrap The Disposable Diaper

The next thing you need to do is wrap up the feces-free diaper into a ball (a tight one) so that the waste that remains behind does not come off the diaper. You need to roll up the diaper’s front end into itself and continue doing so until it turns into a ball (tight). Now, secure the rolled-up diaper with the help of the diaper tabs (located on its back) and then wrap those tabs around the diaper’s front end.

Step No.3: Put The Diaper Ball Inside A Container (Sealed)

Next, you have to put the rolled-up diaper inside a container (sealed) so that the diaper’s odor can be trapped, and your house is free from its foul odor. Here are some options that you can resort to for accomplishing this step-

  • Ziploc Bag – It is a plastic bag which can be easily sealed to trap smells. While a quarter-sized Ziploc bag will work for any newborn, you need to use a gallon sized Ziploc bag for bigger children. This convenient option for disposing of diapers works great both at home and while traveling.
  • Diaper pail- It is similar to a wastebasket, except it is specifically designed for diapers. The diaper pail’s top portion can easily trap odors, keeping your house free from the bad odor. The engineering of a diaper pail allows you to dispose of all the diapers in a convenient and easy way, without you having to rush outside every time the collection bag (of diapers) is filled up.
  • Grocery Bag- (Plastic) – It is an efficient diaper disposing tool that you can use at home. You need to simply put a dirty diaper inside the grocery bag (plastic) and then twist the bag to make sure the smell is trapped. Next, turn the bag’s ends in an inside-out direction followed by twisting the bag again. Now tie the bag and throw it in the trash.

Step No.4: Disposing Of The Diaper

After the diaper has been sealed properly and safely, you need to decide if you want to keep it with you or if you want to toss it away then and there. When you are inside your house, you can simply throw away the sealed diaper. But if you are outdoors, and feel that it would be inappropriate or disrespectful to dispose of the diaper, then keep the sealer diaper inside your bag, and throw it away once you reach home.

Step No.5: Hand Washing

It is important to note that fecal matter contains viruses and bacteria, even if they are not visible. Washing your hands with water and soap (or simply with a hand sanitizer) is crucial once you are done with the disposal.

wash hands after changing diaper

Final Words:

Irrespective of whether you are traveling or at home, maintaining proper hygiene and respecting the comfort level of others around you should be highly prioritized while disposing of a dirty diaper. All the above-mentioned steps will ensure that the smell and germs are kept at bay while preventing any exposure to hazards that may occur because of changing diapers.