Recyclable Items and Products You Never Thought to Recycle

When people think of recycling, they often think of plastic bottles, glass and other various containers. While these are all a great start, there are actually several dozen items that you should be recycling on a regular basis. Chances are, you’ve got one or more of these Recyclable Items in your home, and you never even realized it. Check out these easy recyclables as well as tips on where to recycle them.



A Short List of Recyclable Items

  1. Batteries do not belong in the garbage. They don’t biodegrade in a landfill, so they need to be recycled properly. Batteries are Recyclable Itemseverywhere: in your TV remote, your child’s favorite toy, and so forth. Properly disposing of a battery is fairly easy because many major retailers now have “battery drop off stations’ so you can toss your battery in and be on your way with no hassle.


You can find these almost anywhere, including but not limited to: local grocery stores, major retailers (such as Best Buy,) and more. Keep your eyes open. Chances are, you can find one on your weekly errands and dispose of those bad boys properly.


2. Computer parts are also another landfill ‘no-no.’ Many computer parts were made with mercury or lead and therefore are harmful to the environment. They are particularly harmful today because technology upgrades so quickly that some people will throw out a brand new computer just a month after they bought it. If you’re looking to get rid of a broken, run down, or out of date computer, check out the store you purchased it at.

Recyclable Items

Chances are they have a computer recycling program. If not, you should be able to find a computer recycling company or organization within your city. Some companies even offer free pick up of old computers and parts. Of course, if your computer is only a couple months old, then consider donating it to a needy family or selling it for super cheap to a college student. The computer will get good use and you won’t be adding to the landfill issue.


3. Paint is more often than not dumped down the drain. This is absolutely horrible for the environment, and for your own, personal drinking water. Many retailers (such as Lowe’s) offer proper paint disposal services. Also, several cities now offer a paint disposal service also – so be sure to check around before you dump it down the drain.


4. Automobile waste such as car batteries, oils and other fluids should be disposed of properly. Fortunately, local car part retailers offer proper disposal for such items.


Of course, this list only tells a few of the more recent recyclables. If you’re disposing of any pool chemicals, asbestos, freon, medication, paint thinners, mercury, pesticides, old fire extinguishers, lead, cell phones, old CDs/DVDs, and various other electronics, glass items, paper and so forth, then check out your local recycling center for more details on how to properly dispose of them.


Getting Paid for Recyclable Items

Some places will even pay you for bringing in some of these recyclable items like plastic bottles, cardboard and computer parts. So why not getting payed for keeping mother clean?


If you’re not sure on where to find a recycling center on your area, check out Their website offers plenty of information on where and how to properly recycle items. Check out our previous article on How to Recycle Things at Home.

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